We must continuously learn in order to free our self from the control that others can exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful. This self defense pursuit of knowledge I call “The Martial Art of Wellness”. And as we practice what we learn we want to become Wellness Ninja. In the blogs to come, i will share my views and opinions about wellness beliefs, concepts and myths.  You will find mostly common sense, as opposed to scientific information presented in plain language about food, energy, light, exercise and many others topics that are supportive to holistic wellness.  Join my blog, I want to stay in touch with you!


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Cancer Dream Teams: Road to a Cure? Really?

Here is an extract from a recent Time magazine article… “Group-think is that latest trend in cancer research. This weeks’ Time magazine’s cover story, explains why such team efforts are becoming a necessity, and why it hasn’t always been this way.  Scientists used to think they knew a lot about how cancer works, and they do. But only over the Continue reading…

McDonalds and the Wellness Warrior

Last weekend while having breakfast with a group of friends, Sharon (alias) shared her discovery of a particular coffee served at McDonalds and asked if we had tried it.  As you all know McDonalds is now in the coffee business.  Her husband Jim (alias), my good friend, chimed in and reinforced her opinion that “this coffee is really really really Continue reading…

150 years of Bayer

There are a few reasons why I wanted to start blogging and one of them is to neutralize my frustrations when I hear something outrageously wrong in a forum or setting where I cannot say anything or reply to it on the spot.  There are many settings for that, but watching television news is a big one for me. Usually Continue reading…

What is Ninja Wellness?

Before I start blogging about Ninja Wellness I want to explain what I mean by Ninja Wellness.  Of course anyone could have their own definition, narrow or wide.  I want my definition to be as wide as possible.  I don’t want to be boxed in or limited in what I can talk about. Why Ninja?  I picked up on the Continue reading…

Hello Wellness Ninja

This is my first blog!  There is a first for everything. While I have never gotten around to it until now, blogging was a trend a few years ago, but with Facebook and Twitter, it fell out of favor for me. I decided to start a blog and there are several reasons, some of which I’m sure are relevant to Continue reading…

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