Wellness is a gift; most of us are born well. While some people are born smart about wellness (or blessed with early education) and may keep it throughout their life, the reality is that most people will lose it quickly. The statistics show that by mid-life, most people are in early or advanced stages of degenerative diseases. That is exactly why I want to share strategies to avoid disease, maintain Wellness, and introduce quantum leap shortcuts to regaining Wellness.

Perhaps surprisingly, I will borrow war-like analogies throughout my discussion of Wellness. This is because Wellness, like a street fight, battle or war can be won or lost. Likewise, just as Karate is a self defense martial art, there are self defense martial arts of Wellness that can be mastered, and comparatively, if a Ninja warrior can easily avoid a street thug, than a Wellness warrior can easily avoid disease. So that we remember this spirit, my articles and blogs will often fall under the umbrella of “The Martial Art of Wellness.”


  • Martial: soldierly: (of persons) befitting a warrior; “a military bearing”
  • Art: skill that is attained by study, practice, or observation
  • Wellness: generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being

I use this war-like language because factually “we are” under attack. We are poisoned daily by depleted, polluted and transformed foods, by pharmaceutical drugs and by so many other sources. We are bombarded by television ads and propaganda from various associations and marketers. We are exposed to constant violence in the form of war, murders, and disasters. We are stressed by driving, flying, unrealistic work schedules and by emotional negativity from associates, friends and even family. Stressors (emotional, mental and physical) are a main cause of more than 50% of our toxicity; toxicity that can lead to imbalances and even to cancer.

In this state of toxicity, like a street thug, we will soon get beaten up and become unwell. But in a state of Wellness, like in martial arts, one can become a Ninja and win the war against disease.

We humans are born as extraordinary vessels of brilliant pure energy, light and information, and we are born perfectly able to reflect back this energy / light / information to others. We must strive to maintain or regain this pure body and mind. When we are Well we are clear, we can envision our mission, we can achieve our purpose. That is what The Martial Art of Wellness is all about.

It is in this peaceful warrior spirit that I invite you to become a Wellness Warrior in The Martial Art of Wellness. Within the Martial Art of Wellness there are many skills and tools to learn and apply for the holistic beings that you are. I want to share with you frequent information not just about physical health, but about total health; the actions, tools, diet, disciplines, health modalities, etc. that will empower you for total Wellness. I will be covering information in such areas as:

  • Relearning Wellness and its principles
  • Avoiding improper foods, substances, energies, etc.
  • Consuming the right high energy foods, water, etc.
  • Exercises like yoga, QiGong, walking, running, etc.
  • Practicing good mind/body disciplines
  • Introducing smart fasting in the fabric of your life
  • How about practicing LOVE, and much more

Thank you for your interest and your curiosity. Hopefully after viewing our website you will become passionate about learning about “Quantum Leap Wellness.”

Remember, every breath can be bliss…

Dr. Roland Thomas, PhD, NMD is President and Founder of Quantum Leap Wellness, editor of BioNews, its monthly nutrition and health e-newsletter, and author of the books “The Magic of Bio-Algae Concentrates” and “Awakening the Genius Within.” Roland has been a holistic health enthusiast since his first exposure to yoga and vegetarianism at the age of 14. Roland has studied natural medicine, energy and nutritional medicines, Kundalini yoga, QiGong and Tai Chi. He received his Bachelor of Science and Business from the University of Montreal and received his Doctorate of Naturopathy from Trinity College and a PhD in Natural Medicine from IQUIM.


Member of American Naturopathic Medical Association Dr. Thomas is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Roland educates and advises his clients on The Martial Art of Wellness. In his non-invasive approach to wellness, he uses a simplistic and holistic approach consisting of information, nutrition and supernutrition, natural healing, exercises and mind/body techniques. Dr. Thomas lectures on Quantum Leap Wellness throughout the United States and Canada.
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