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BIOSUPERFOOD for Athletic and Sports Performance by Roland Thomas, PhD, NMD

What worked with cows, minks, big cats, chickens and pigs will now help strength trainers and endurance athletes. BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) was proven in large production trials to increase productivity and disease resistance of sheep, cattle, chickens and hogs. This natural supplement amongst many benefits has been proven to increase protein synthesis and assimilation of nutrients. It is utilized by endurance athletes to help maintain muscle mass and improve recovery from strenuous exercise. Strenuous sports and training sessions for endurance and strength can often cause muscle injuries which are exacerbated by simultaneous production of free radicals. Supplementation with BSF which contains high levels of astaxanthin, for which there are strong indications that it protects muscle tissue against free radical oxidative damage during exercise and also inhibits the secondary inflammatory response leads to better performance due to increased muscle endurance.

The effect of antioxidants on the capacity for physical performance has been investigated in a number of studies. A clinical study in humans to demonstrate positive clinical effects of natural astaxanthin was carried out in 1997 in Sweden. In a group comprising of 40 young healthy men, supplementation with astaxanthin per day was given to half of the study group for a period of six months. The results from the study showed a significant increase in muscle endurance amongst the men supplemented with astaxanthin compared with the men not supplemented. BSF has been observed to heighten muscle mass and strength in athletes who carry out regular resistance training, according to hundreds of athletes of all kinds from all over the world that have been using it. Best of all, the exciting supplement is not a hormone, a steroid or a chemical and has been proven to be 100% safe. It has no known side-effects, and has produced a variety of positive effects in large number of scientific studies:

  • Natural stimulant for steroids, insulin, prostaglandins, HGH (growth hormone) and DHEA (the “superhormone”)
  • Reduced oxidative damage
  • Reduced pain and faster recovery from exertion
  • Increased endurance, strength and stamina
  • Prevention of exertion related injuries
  • Increased oxygenation and performance
  • Maintained muscle mass gains
  • Prevention of arthritis due to injuries
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels, allowing greater access to stored body fat.
  • Significantly raises lactic acid threshold
  • High antioxidant levels increase endurance and delay fatigue
  • High assimilation rate of absorption means reduced intake of other “Bulk” foods, resulting in weight stabilization.
  • Balanced Essential Fatty Acids content normalizes hormones, resulting in strength gains and shortened recovery periods.
  • Protein content is the most assimilable ever measured, which means less total protein intake needed.
  • Brain chemistry ignited nervousness, irritability or fear before an event or competition is replaced with calm power.
  • No toxicity – 100% Natural and Organic
  • Sports and Athletics legal

Technical-Bulletin and Publications

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  • Sports Performance Benefits from Taking Natural Astaxanthin Characterized by Visual Acuity and Muscle Fatigue Improvements in Humans. Sawaki K, Yoshigi H, Aoki K, Koikawa N, Azumane A, Kaneko K, Yamaguchi M. Journal of Clinical Therapeutics & Medicines 2002,18:(9)73-88.
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  • Awakening the Genius Within. Roland Thomas, Michael Kiriac 2004-2008 –

Here is what experts and athletes are saying:

Sports Performance – “As a Medical Fitness professional I always keep on the lookout for a better product for my clients and myself. The science and the “brain food” concepts behind BSF are beyond question, so allow me to share some real world anecdotes about the effectiveness for athletes of all types:

  • A professional motocross racer came to me before his event with depleted adrenal glands and no energy. After taking 5 capsules he went out and won his race handily. He came back to me grinning asking “what was that stuff you gave me“.
  • A hard core amateur ski racer was experiencing severe calf cramping, and after 4 capsules and 20 minutes they were gone.
  • Weight trainers are reporting more repetitions per set, more weight lifted, less fatigue and faster recovery.
  • I participate in long distance off-road motorcycle racing, some races being 100 miles long and 6 hours in duration. The fatigue can sometimes be at the level of marathon running, and recovery can take days. I take BSF along with water spread out during the day, and the difference is profound. I can ride longer, more focused, zero cramping, and recovery is usually 1 day.

– Glenn Streeter ATC, CES, AFP – Medical Fitness Services Inc.

Making crazy improvements – “I have been taking this supplement now for a while, I started training three weeks ago and the improvements that I make are just insane. I take three in the morning and three in the afternoon and my friends, who are professional fighters, all ask me what I am using. Strength-wise and endurance-wise I am making crazy improvements. It’s the ONLY thing that I am taking next to Milk Thistle, no other things what so ever. I truly believe that it can be only because of BSF, since that’s the only thing I use.
– Bas Rutten – Three time undefeated King Of Pancrase, undefeated UFC Heavyweight champion – Visit at:

High Blood Pressure and Weight Loss – “It has been several months now that I have been on BSF. Just recently, I had my annual medical check-up. I am proud to announce that I lost ten pounds and my blood pressure reading was 118 over 76. My Doctor just wrote in regards to my blood work, he stated my blood looks great. With me only taking three F2 tablets per day in the morning, I now can say I do feel the difference. I usually work out by myself in the morning, but now I work out in the evening as well with my daughter with her basketball drills.
– John Pointer – Linebacker Green Bay Packers 1984/85 and 1981 Grey Cup winner.

Bodybuilding & Fitness – “Hi, my name is Todd Page, ND, TOP RATED NATURAL BODYBUILDER and trainer for 15 years. My early interest in nutrition and beliefs in natural ways, have led me early on in my career to organic food and natural health supplements choices for body development, stamina and recovery. For 20 years now, I have used products like Spirulina, bee propolis, wheat grass, green juices, etc. 20 years ago, this was plain “weird” in my profession, but today, I see that this has paid off, as this summer, I will be competing again for the Mr. USA title. At age 38, my body is fitter than ever and I feel and look 15 years younger. The first time I took BSF, I felt the difference right away. You see I am very sensitive to my metabolism. Any deviations from my form, I notice. Well I have tried many products over the years, but BSF tops them all. BSF has more naturally occurring nutrients, natural hormones and antioxidant protection than any known natural products, all the while fitting my criteria of being 100% organic and natural. With BSF, I experience energy support throughout the day. As I am preparing for this summer’s contest, I feel a big difference in my workouts, with stamina, endurance, with post workout recovery and reduced muscle and body pains. In my gym, I now recommend BSF to clients for nutrition and support, for stamina, strength, natural steroids and post workout recuperation. They notice the difference within days.

Race Around Ireland – “Your product sure lives up to its name as a superfood. I will be in Ireland in September, for the Race Around Ireland (1350 miles in 5 days or less) averaging 275 plus miles per day with less than 2 hrs rest per day. With BSF, I’m able to recover quickly. I haven’t broken down staying healthy even when others around me are sick. My immune system stays strong, my joints and muscles recover quickly, and even in multi day rides where my daily sleep time is 2 hrs or less I stay mentally alert. Best Regards.
– Stephen Bugbee, Ultra Racer – Visit at

Martial Arts – “I have searched for the perfect supplement. I have found the perfect complement; BioSuperfood is Chi Food.
– Master George Picard, Master in Karate, Qigong and Tai Chi – Visit at

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