Cancer Dream Teams: Road to a Cure? Really?

timeandcancerHere is an extract from a recent Time magazine article

Group-think is that latest trend in cancer research. This weeks’ Time magazine’s cover story, explains why such team efforts are becoming a necessity, and why it hasn’t always been this way.  Scientists used to think they knew a lot about how cancer works, and they do. But only over the last couple of years, led by major advances in genomics, have they been able to truly understand the biological workings of this leading killer. And the knowledge has been both helpful and humbling.”

What knowledge?  That they know nothing yet, and that they have not come up with one iota of a cure?  If they would admit that, then maybe they would stand a chance at making real progress.  And now they think they got a better shot at it and look at the team they are putting together;

The epigenetics team includes geneticists, pathologists, biostatisticians, biochemists, informaticists, oncologists, surgeons, nurses and technicians, among others.”

Who can tell me what is missing from this list?  How about “nutritionists, fitness experts, you and I?

Why do I include “You and I” in the list of epigenetics above?  Because “You and I” can figure out a better cure than all of the above specialists.  Did you know that the US NIH (National Institute of Health) has published year after year that the leading preventable cause (after tobacco) of the two leading causes of annual death (cardiovascular diseases and cancers) is being overweight and obesity.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  You and I can figure it out.  And did you know that; if you not only eat less to not get fat, plus make a 10% effort to eat better foods, and exercise 10% more, and sleep and rest 10% more, that you will immediately reduce your chance of cancer by 90% and more, and that will take care of a slew of other diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, early dementia and Alzheimer, arthritis and many other unpleasant conditions.  Now don’t read me wrong.  I know very well that there are cancers and other inexplicable cases in children, in perfectly healthy individuals, etc.  But please know that these are the rare exception, the 1% of cases.  And please know that I know very well the marvelous advance in modern treatments, patient care, pain management and saving of life in cases of emergencies, accidents, etc.  I am not naïve and I have benefited from such extraordinary advances in my life.   Read on…

This cover photo leads you to believe that a cure is coming right?  This is the illusion created by the western medical industry that over the last 40 years has spent trillions of research dollars paying hundreds of thousands of clinical researchers and profiting billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies with now thousands of useless and dreaded cancer drugs…  not a dent has been made in cancer prevention, not near what a good lifestyle, good diet and many natural modalities have done.  Already we know that cancer can be prevented and reversed by a healthy consciousness leading to a healthy mind manifesting in a healthy body.   If 10% of the money spent on drug research was spent on educating the children and the public on the relationship food / disease, then 90% of cancers would be prevented…  this is known by most intelligent academically trained wellness researchers and scientists.  The Cancer research institutes and most research projects are 100% affiliated with profit oriented Pharmaceutical companies, and the AMA and its members are subservient of this industry.

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