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The Martial Art of Wellness

Volume 18 – April 2019

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We learn to free ourselves from controls exerted over us. As we research we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self-defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And with practice we become Ninjas.


Our most important job as vegetable gardeners is to feed and sustain soil life, often called the soil food web, beginning with the microbes. If we do this, our plants will thrive, we’ll grow nutritious, healthy food, and our soil conditions will get better each year. This is what is meant by the adage ”Feed the soil not the plants.

– Jane Shellenberger, Organic Gardener’s Companion: Growing Vegetables in the West

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL: ( BAC helped me battling lymphoma )

“… I had very few side effects from the chemotherapy, finished all treatments completely and on time. I would stay overnight day 1 to day 2 but not the full week.

I was cleared to go back to work full-time the day after my cycle ended. I went for a final blood test on Monday morning, my platelets and white blood cells were recovering and out of the danger zone and returned to work that afternoon.

My whole family takes BAC daily and it is the single most important item in our family budget. If I ever cannot afford my home and biosuperfood I will sell my home and find a less expensive place to live. That is how strongly I believe in this product. My advice to you is not to wait till your sick to invest in your families health, good health is priceless!

Thank you BAC “

– Tom, Vermont, USA – for the complete testimonial visit at

THE MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS (Get well really really fast!)                                           

– Article contributed by Maureen Murphy, CNC, ND 

It’s nearly impossible to “Roundup” the ubiquitous glyphosate in our world today.  What many believe(d) was a “tough-on-weeds-but-harmless to us” potent herbicide for our lawn and garden is actually patented as an antibiotic.  Released in the 70s and commercialized in the 80s, the widespread use of Roundup really took off in the mid-90s* as “Roundup-ready” GMO crop seeds were introduced by the same chemical giant that brought us Agent Orange.

Today, 4.5 billion pounds of Roundup is used worldwide, and this glyphosate compound is omnipresent – not only in yours and your neighbors’ gardens and lawns, but in local parks and recreation areas, in pristine-appearing lakes and creeks, on farm fields and, yes – at this point, in virtually everything you eat.  In fact, recent estimates show that 75% of the air we breathe, and our water supply are tainted with this water-soluble antibiotic!

Can we blame it all on Roundup?  That is questionable.  I invite you all to delve deeper into this and arrive at your own conclusions.  In fact, we are also barraged with a plethora of other insidious invaders that come knocking daily – radiation, environmental toxins; cell phones and EMFs; air, water, and noise pollution; pharmaceuticals; plastics and/or chemicals in our clothing, foods and the very walls and floors of our homes.

You are under attack each day of your life

Given the ever-growing number of potential hazards we encounter on a daily basis, it’s small wonder that so many of us are suffering from or know someone close that is suffering from one of many auto-immune disorders (Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, type 1 diabetes, IBS…), brain and nervous system disorders (ADHD, autism, depression, stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s…) and/or countless other ailments.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

It’s an undeniable fact that we are directly and negatively impacted by our increasingly polluted environment.  Since we cannot expect the environment to change anytime soon, we are left with two options:

  1. Keep telling yourself there’s nothing you can do and wait for the inevitable
  2. Empower yourself and become a Wellness Ninja

Assuming you’re the Ninja type since you’ve read this far.  There are so many ways to empower yourself in remaining healthy amidst the onslaught of pollutants. Just google health tips.  You likely know about many and here are just a few of the best ones:

  • Eat only organic as much as you can
  • Eat a high plant-based diet of fresh foods
  • Hydrate frequently throughout the day with water
  • Regain and maintain your normal body weight
  • Remain fit through frequent even daily exercise
  • Sleep and rest a lot – no guilt
  • Reduce the negative stressors

Unfortunately, for many, these helpful hints may not be enough

I say this because it didn’t work for me.  Twenty years ago, I was finally diagnosed as borderline obese with high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances.  On top of that I had been plagued with chronic back pain for a decade.  My MD always wanted to put me on meds.  I did not want to take meds, instead I had been doing yoga, eating mostly vegetarian, and had been taking more and more supplements, 23 at last count.  But after awhile it was obvious that none of this was working – it was the worse time of my life.  And I know many of you are doing your best and also not getting better.

Get well really really fast!

Until, that is, I met Michael Kiriac and BAC, and my life changed dramatically in a very short time. BOOM!  I felt the difference overnight.  Over the following days I began functioning at 100%.  My back pain dissolved in days.  I started brisk walking and soon I was jogging and running.  I wanted to make sure it was BAC making the difference, so I stop taking the 23 supplements.  The symptoms of wellness continued.  I was convinced.  I lost the extra weight inside of six months.  Oh, and I ran my first marathon by the end of the year at age 51.  BAC did it – I have no doubt!

A gram (3 capsules) of BAC a day may keep the doctor away

BAC is a whole food blend of microalgae that cannot be compared with single algae or any other multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, supplement, or green superfood product.  More than a decade of non-profit research by Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD delivered Bio-Algae Concentrates formulations, the densest most complete and balanced synergistic food on earth.

The BAC formulas were validated unquestionably with victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and proven when testing on 20+ species / 1.5 million individual animals.  Today we can safely say that BAC is the best possible health-supportive all-purpose tool in ANY body’s tool kit!

Please send us YOUR story…it may just help someone else!

If you are already a consumer of BAC, we would appreciate your feedback on your experience(s) of consuming BAC as part of your health regimen.  To do so, just send your text or video story to  – We will greatly appreciate and share it while respecting any specific request from you for confidentiality.

Here are a just a couple of success stories from grateful BAC users whose stories we hope may inspire you.

Autism: This has never happened before!

I spoke with you on the phone last Friday about my 2 boys that are challenged with autism. I received my supplements yesterday and immediately started giving them to my children. First, thank you for sending the book, Awakening the Genius Within. I immediately devoured it! Second, after giving each boy two capsules yesterday, my older son got out of bed and dressed himself this morning! This has never happened before. He CAN dress himself, but I usually have to ask him over and over. Today, he did it without me even asking! I’m certain that we are just beginning to see wonderful things from BAC. I will certainly keep you posted! ” – Allison L., USA

Alzheimer’s cleared up in about 1 and 1/2 week

” On March 15, a neuro doctor told me, based on symptoms, I probably had 1st stage Alzheimer. When I took his prescription, I was worse and very nervous. I couldn’t sleep well at night and had constant diarrhea. When I quit using it and went on BAC formula 2, I was cleared up in about 1 1/2 weeks. “ – M.E., Topeka Kansas

Parkinson and arthritis pain

” I have been able to stop the progression of Parkinson’s and reduce arthritis pain. ” – D. R., Hayden, Idaho


Read more testimonial here:

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