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This is my first blog!  There is a first for everything. While I have never gotten around to it until now, blogging was a trend a few years ago, but with Facebook and Twitter, it fell out of favor for me. I decided to start a blog and there are several reasons, some of which I’m sure are relevant to you.

Everyday I think of something cool, I critique a tv ad, I have an insight, or I find out something new. Often the next day, I won’t remember. Now I figure that once ninjaI’ve blogged about something, if you or I look for it in the future we will find it in a blog post, and save a considerable amount of time. P.S. And maybe I’ll stop using my dear wife Linda as a sounding board.

I have noticed that I never respond to the authors of newsletters that I receive, even though I feel like it. When reading blogs, however, I have often put in my two cents worth, my support or critique. It’s time that I get your feedback about my ideas and articles. As I write over the years, I forget what I have already written. I forget what I was thinking even just a year ago. My life is an endless continuum of personalities, each somewhat different and evolved from the previous. I have thousands of BioNews subscribers and thousands of Facebook likes and friends. Guess how many I actually keep in touch with in real life? I would say maybe ten-fifteen max, and the real number is probably closer to five. The problem with social networks is that I cannot keep up with everything. I miss the best posts because they’re swallowed up in a stream of noise. I hope to fix some of this by blogging. Not all BioNews subscribers want to hear my extreme views and wild ideas about Ninja Wellness – In Ninja Wellness blogs I will share views, ideas and observations about the spirit of wellness.

Stuff happens everyday in my life and in your life. I’ll try to share some of the best with you. I will expect your feedback and your own ideas back. So please, if you’re a friend of mine, do me a personal favor and sign up for my blog, and why not start a blog yourself. I want to keep in touch with you!

Stay tuned for my first real blog!

20 thoughts on “Hello Wellness Ninja

  1. Dawn Doucet says:

    Hi Roland, I met you & Michael Kiriac in Denver in the Spring 2008 and also met Russell Louie, but had been receiving your emails much longer. I’ve been telling many people about Bioage because I think it is so wonderful and effective. I enjoy learning from your emails. I am interested in your extreme views. Thank you.

  2. Rama says:

    blog blessings…i’m curious to hear what you will say…

  3. Cathrine Hartwell says:

    Roland, I look forward to reading what you have to say/share in your blog, as well as the dialogue it will inspire!

    Thank you!

  4. Lisa McCoy says:

    Hello Dr. Roland, I am a nutritionist consultant student. As I am finishing up my program I am drawn to like minded people. I found your website by researching the Bioage website that my holistic doc recently prescribed to me. I have been taking the F3 and I love it! I have found in the last 6 months on my journey of wellness, that the more I learn, the more knowledge I crave. I am planning on starting my own nutritional consultant business next year but the very strange thing about it is, I just want to spread the truth to all my family, friends and even people on the street and that I meet in the grocery store, that nutrition is the key to all health. I dont want to charge for such information to share but it might be necessary for me to do such. It is such a simple concept that is truly is hard to grasp for some. The false belief by 95% of my community is that your doctor can heal you by giving you some kind of pharmaceutical drug and you’ll be good as new. I do have to admit that was me too for most of my life. The epiphany I’ve had has completely changed my view of food and the companies that supply it to us. Knowledge is absolutely power, and I try to gain more every day of my life now. I cant wait to read your blog every day! Good Luck and Great Health to you! Lisa McCoy

    • Roland Thomas, PhD, NMD says:

      Lisa! Wow I really like your perspective at such an early stage in your journey… I can only imagine where that will take you and the many people you will be called to help in their journey. we will talk again.

  5. Joan says:

    GREAT IDEA! Will be looking forward to reading your blog!

  6. Linda says:

    Hello Roland,
    Congratulations on starting your blog! You are an individual with many talents and ideas. I know firsthand your readers will be in for an extraordinary experience. I have witnessed your inspirations throughout the years and pleased to see your willingness to share this with others. Linda

  7. mrawryse says:

    Looking forward to more posts! 🙂

  8. callgeo says:

    Please address probiotics techniques.
    Best Wishes

    • pro-biotic techniques? hum… i suggest to eat a plant based diet with lots of leafy greens and fruits, and drink water and to watch the intestinal flora come around… i am no expert in supplementation of probiotics as I have never taken or needed any… i use to eat kefir and yogurts, but i don’t even eat those any longer…

  9. Dr. Jennings says:

    Hello Roland,
    Congrats on the blog. I am thrilled to have met you last year and to have become one of your distributors in the U.S. This is a very popular product for my clients and algae can help with any issue. Look forward to learning more from you in the future. Positive thoughts coming your way!!! Peace!

  10. Gerard says:

    Thank you Dr. Roland for the invite to this blog. As a long time BAC user and new wellness warrior, I am looking forward to learning and applying my new knowledge on my quest for great health and to teach others.

  11. elicle says:

    Hi Roland, so pleased to be able to follow your posts, and join the community. Waiting with great anticipation.
    Wishing good health to all.

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