McDonalds and the Wellness Warrior

Last weekend while having breakfast with a group of friends, Sharon (alias) shared her discovery of a particular coffee served at McDonalds and asked if we had tried it.  As you all know McDonalds is now in the coffee business.  Her husband Jim (alias), my good friend, chimed in and reinforced her opinion that “this coffee is really really really good”.  I do drink coffee and usually select an organic sort.  Anyway I could not help the evangelic in me and so I blurted out “NO, I have not tried it since I boycott McDonalds and have not been inside a McDonalds establishment in 4-5 years.”  Of course Sharon proceeded to ask me why I was boycotting McDonalds.

So now I have to tell her (while everyone is listening) that McDonalds has been pushing bad meat until they got caught, high salt content until they got caught, dead French fries fried in dirty greases, and the list goes on, to adults and particularly to children all over the world for over 40 years.  And at this point I held back asking her whether she had never heard about these facts.  Sharon knew nothing about my boycotting, and apparently nothing about McDonalds’ ways.  Still this caused Jim to say somewhat sarcastically “Well at this rate we should boycott all fast food restaurants and all food stores!  What are we supposed to eat?”  And several in the small crowd nodding “yeah Roland what?”

OMG was I cornered?

I simply said “Well you have to make an effort to purchase from local farmer’s markets, this way you can meet the farmers, buy your meat from local meat shops that use meat from grass fed and free range animals, and grow some vegetables yourself.”  Fortunately and to my surprise (and most likely because they are friends) they all agreed to the “what should be done.”

The point of this story is to share with you how the wellness warrior and its doings operate in the world.  Unlike a knight in shining armor, the wellness warrior carries no shield and is not a member of the round table and does not appear on ABC news.  His doing is not of victories or quantities, but of sharing the light.

In ending, I had a vision while driving this week.  I was replaying in my mind a previous poor discussion and I was imagining a retort of sorts in which positivity overcomes negativity, and brightly a most simple visual appeared:

+ Vs. –

Well it’s obvious, and I am not the first and only one to see this; the positive symbol (+) with its two bars is twice as long as the negative symbol (-) and thus positivity prevails.

Until next time Ninjas.

2 thoughts on “McDonalds and the Wellness Warrior

  1. mmurphy says:

    McDs is luring “seniors” in with cheap–even free coffee. I’ve noticed the same trend around here…but I have you beat! I haven’t eaten at McDs for 8-9 years–and counting!

  2. lmellin says:

    Glad you had some facts on hand at the right moment, Roland. Yes, being able to comment in a positive, non-defensive way will make an impact. I struggle with having ready facts to meet the moment, but you are a good example to me. Thanks for the encouragement. I, too, boycott McD’s and try to keep away from most fast-food places.

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