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The Martial Art of Wellness

Volume 18 – June 2019

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We learn to free ourselves from controls exerted over us. As we research we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self-defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And with practice we become Ninjas.


Unless man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favor compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life. 

– Thomas Edison, one smart fellow


”  Hi there, Dr Roland, I’ve been using BSF for quite some time now and realized I’ve never submitted a testimony. I really want to so you can use it on your website and newsletter. I’ve been on 6 BSF for about a year. I rarely ever get colds or flues now, even when my family gets them. If I do get some symptoms, they are very mild.  It has been one of the best supplement I’ve ever taken for my anxiety. It makes me feel very grounded and almost no anxiety. I used to be in a roller coaster. I am much less reactive to foods. ( I have the typical Fibromyalgia, MCS, Chronic fatigue) and I used to react to so many foods…”  – Shannon McKeough

THE MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS ( Add Life to Your Years )
– Article contributed by Maureen Murphy, CNC, ND 

Aging is a series of processes that include direct damage, accumulation of cellular waste, errors, and imperfect repairs as well as the responses to them. These processes result in the familiar signs of aging and ultimately to the development of age-related diseases that eventually kill us.

For healthy aging, maintain an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits – and take BAC

  1. Eat a healthy, balanced, and organic plant-based diet
  2. Stay properly hydrated – drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water daily
  3. Stay active – move, stretch, walk, get lots of fresh air and sunshine
  4. Get plenty of rest
  5. Keep stress at a minimum through regular exercise, yoga, qigong, running, meditation, etc.
  6. Make sure to take BAC daily!

The BAC formulas will keep you going

There are a multitude of carotenoids in the algae that make up BAC, like astaxanthin, alpha and beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, several other, and the blue pigment phycocyanin only found in our formulas. These carotenoids/pigments have a reputation of being healthy antioxidants, but occurring together as a nutritional family, they do much more than support antioxidation and reduce inflammation.   They are the most potent energy support group of all nutrients.  Astaxanthin alone is by far the most efficient of all carotenoids, able to neutralize oxygen free radicals 4.9 times better than beta-carotene and 1.6x better than lycopene.

Those carotenoids in BAC offer incredible benefits for muscle endurance, reduced inflammation, cardiovascular, skin and eye health, cognitive function, and energy/stamina-building. BAC with its synergistic blend of four microalgae contains hundreds of nutrients aside from its carotenoids and offers the strongest tool available to support the body’s optimum health and balance.

Dr. Kiriac pioneered modern algae research and discovered their extraordinary benefits long before others, and mastering the science of harnessing their extraordinary power when blended together in all the BAC formulas.  He also learned to maximize their ultimate power when grown in controlled, clean, indoor environment where the light source is consistent.

Many if not most other forms of commercially available algae supplements are never fully matured for maximum efficacy unlike the algae contained in BAC.  Often they are artificially fertilized or, like astaxanthin, synthetically produced from petrochemicals – now banned for human consumption in the United States.

BAC is in its own league!

Dr. Kiriac and his team knew that the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts, achieving extraordinary results with his BAC blend that can never be achieved when taking separate/isolate like astaxanthin and/or individual microalgae or other supplements separately.

Kiriac studied hundreds of potential species and combinations of algae to find the ultimate blend that achieved complete synergy in a whole food.  As a whole food, the BAC blends contain thousands of nutrients and micronutrients – including all cofactors needed to render each vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, amino acid and totally bioavailable.  Because of extraordinary efficiencies achieved in the blend, consuming BAC provides powerful, nourishing, and regenerating effects on every cell in the body and brain as empirically proven in 20+ animal species over a period of 15+ years of research.

The amazing BAC formulas:

  1. Help keep eyes healthy and strong
  2. Help relieve pain and inflammation
  3. Protect the skin and offers protection from harmful UV rays
  4. Help fight fatigue and increase stamina
  5. Aid the body in cell-cleansing of harmful toxic debris
  6. Support cognitive function
  7. Provide energy and stamina

Why would you want to risk NOT taking BAC daily? Try it now!


More on BAC at “”

Demythifying Astaxanthin

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