The Martial Art of Wellness

Volume 14 – March 2015

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


“ Thinking is like loving or dying. Each of us must do it for ourselves. ” 

— Josiah Royce, American philosopher (1855-1916)

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL: The awful pet store cage smell has disappeared 

img-5832-thumb“ I have been enjoying the bio-algae concentrates (BAC) myself for over nine years, and so three months ago I started giving the BAC to my two cockatiel parrots.  Almost immediately I noticed that they started drinking almost double the amount of water and that they were eating only half of what they were eating before.  Yet they did appear more lively. Their droppings became smaller. The awful pet store cage smell has disappeared.  Thank you for this wonderful super food. ” – Wayne Kellner, Greely, Colorado


THE MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS: BAC (Bio-Algae Concentrates) for Animals, Part I

(Article contributed by Maureen Murphy, NC)

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander…and the Golden, the Siamese, the Quarterhorse, the Cockatiel… and the Human too!

When Roland asked me if I’d write this month’s BIONEWS about my personal experience with BAC for pets, I jumped at the chance! I’ve owned a pet-oriented shop for nearly 20 years and – during its most recent incarnation, our specialty is providing “Holistic Solutions for Pets and People”.  During this time I’ve researched many natural products and healthy nutrition principles for both pets and for humans.

The research mostly began with a real need – one of my pets or my customers’ pets had some sort of health issue that needed learning about, in the hopes of avoiding potentially harmful drugs, expensive diagnostic procedures, surgical intervention, or worse.  Let me be clear here:  I was not “practicing medicine”…but I was learning everything I could about alternative options for health, doing my best to impart that knowledge to my customers, and encouraging them to do their own research.

Most recently on my quest for more knowledge, I gained my Certificate in Nutritional Counseling from Trinity College. I continue to absorb many useful natural health tips daily in my research and through customer feedback.

Since adulthood, I’ve always rebelled against taking drugs and/or invasive diagnostic or surgical procedures.  This no doubt relates back to my father (he would never go to the doctor!) and the fact that I spent an inordinate amount of time in doctors’ offices and hospitals as a child, due to scoliosis and the resulting back surgery at age 18.  In my twenties and early thirties I felt invincible of course…but when my parents’ health began to fail and I witnessed our broken health care system in action, I knew  it was time to own up to the responsibility of taking better care of my own body.   It was then that I began to study and learn all that I could about natural health alternatives.

I believe that the earth provides what we need to be our most healthy selves. Though I do acknowledge the benefits of “modern” medicine, I saw through my parents’ experience that these can be over-used and sometimes cause more harm than good.

When conventional veterinary medicine failed to cure two of my pets of severe “plumbing issues”, I started researching and testing many, many holistic options and products on myself and on what I affectionately refer to as my “highly-paid panel of testers” (at one time totaling 11 cats and a Border Collie!)  More often than not, I was sorely disappointed in the results.

cat1So, how did I stumble upon BAC?  The Twerp, aka Teco, was dying.  So my vet told me, and I could see evidence of this with my own eyes.  She had been battling with some mysterious ailment for short periods over a couple of years, and most recently had been diagnosed as being in renal failure.  She had lost weight, had little zest for life remaining, and had stopped eating.  My vet said it was “time”…

But I was not ready to give up the fight for Teco.   This feisty little 5# black & white kitty who ruled the roost here had firmly established her place in my heart!  She was truly one of a kind, and was not even 16 years old.  Surely there had to be something I could do for her…?

Like most of us in the age of the internet, I went online and searched natural products for renal failure in cats.  Among the myriad results that came up in the search was one from Dr. Jean Hofve from Little Big Cat.  Dr. Hofve is a holistic veterinarian that I had followed for years and whose advice I had grown to trust on a number of subjects.

A little aside here on the subject of internet searches…do NOT believe everything you read online!  I always tell my customers that for every statement you read to support a product, protocol or belief I’m pretty sure you can find one to refute it.  I see my role simply as one voice of reason to point people to NATURAL OPTIONS available in many/most cases. Ultimately, the decision of how to care for one’s self or those that depend on us rests solely on our own shoulders.  The best way to do make these sometimes difficult decisions is to find a few people in whose opinions you trust, and always research and read several opinions before forming your own and making a critical decision.  Here’s a good example:  recently, two holistic veterinarians that I have followed for years had opposing opinions on the subject of coconut oil for pets.  So, who do I believe?  This is where we must trust the filter we are born with in our own brains!

Anyway, Dr. Hofve’s article included the mention of BioSuperfood and a link to an article that described how this amazing product worked wonders in cases of CRF (chronic renal failure).  This led me to find BIOAGE where I met Roland and began my lasting relationship, first as a reseller and passionate BAC advocate and, eventually, as a happy employee of BIOAGE!

Back to the “Picky Princess” (another alias of Teco’s)…  She had always been the epitome of the finicky feline – and she hadn’t eaten in 5 days at this point, so I figured I’d have to force the capsules down her throat – not an easy task!  (A friend who once watched her for me tried to give her a pill and described the experience as trying to pill a bumble bee!)  Imagine my surprise when I opened the first capsule, mixed about ¼ of its contents in some wet food, and watched Teco gobble it up like there was nothing better in the world!  Don’t assume your pet will not like it!

From that day forward and for the next **2-1/2 years**, the Picky Princess was no longer picky.  Teco ate 4-6 bowls of food a day – anything I gave her – as long as BioPreparation was mixed in.  I added filtered water or homemade, unadulterated (no extra salt or seasoning) chicken broth and made her meals “soupy”.  This contributed to her never needing subcutaneous fluids, and it was gentler on her mouth as she was also suffering with dental disease at this point but was not a candidate for surgery.  She had good energy, her eyes were bright, she ate well and was fully mobile.  Three different vets saw her and were astounded at how well she was doing for a now 18-year old cat in renal failure for at least 3 or 4 years.

Blown away by Teco’s immediate improvement, I began giving BioPreparation to all of my fur kids, and taking BioSuperfood myself as well as offering both products to my customers.  I saw palpable improvements in the health and overall well-being of my animals (and in my own health):

  • major digestive improvement in my then 9-year old cat who had suffered from diarrhea his entire life
  • “plumbing” improvements in another cat who had had alternating urinary “sludge” (blockages) and constipation issue for several years
  • cataracts receding and mobility returning in my 13-year old dog
  • skin and coat improvements in the whole gang!
  • I myself had better energy, better mental clarity, better stress control, and my immune system was fully operational – I never got sick anymore!

I began to hear more stories of amazing recoveries and/or easing of symptoms from my customers, too!

The more I have worked with BAC and the more amazingly positive stories I hear from pet-owners and other users, the more  I am convinced that EVERY body can and will benefit from consuming BAC daily!

By the way, The Twerp lived another 2-1/2 years of a good quality of life before finally succumbing at 18-1/2 years old.  I take great comfort in knowing that I helped both extend the quantity of her life and the quality of her last couple of years.


BAC for ANIMALS – original research

Dr. Kiriac’s initial research into BAC was totally not-for-profit and fully supported by the Soviet government as a solution to the cancers and other auto-immune diseases that were plaguing the country’s livestock.  Hundreds of clinicians assisted by hundreds of farm aids spent 10+ years of investigative research.   They tested hundreds of individual species of algae and many different- proportioned blends.  They explored algae growing technologies, experimenting with light, temperature, water and other factors to augment the yield and enhance the results.

Ultimately, this extensive undertaking involved clinical trials of more than a million animals in total.  They worked with 20+ animal species comparing populations of, in some cases, hundreds—even thousands—of animals at one time. This resulted in amazing improvements in the overall health of the animals and their offspring including results in other species similar to those from the large-scale poultry farm trials:

  • Eradication of Marek’s disease, with 100% of the diseased animals saved
  • Elimination of the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and/or other artificial means
  • Diminished need for feed by 14% (one jar of BAC exceeds 12 truckloads of alfalfa, nutritionally speaking!)
  • Increased average weight (of chickens) by 21.26%
  • Increase in viability, egg-fertilization, egg-laying per hen, length of egg-laying season, size of eggs and strength of eggshells
  • Decreased mortality rate of chicks
  • Improved taste of eggs and meat
  • Increased health and productivity with subsequent generations
  • 20% overall productivity increase

In addition to the many studies performed previously and the awards and international accolades for BAC, Dr. Kiriac has continued to reaffirm these earlier results with several North American trials.  The most notable of these were a poultry study with McGill University (Montreal), a Quebecois dairy farmer, and a bighorn sheep herd suffering from Johne’s disease in Ohio.  With all species and circumstances, the results remain impressive!

The best test of results, however, comes from the hundreds and hundreds of BAC users who have warmed our hearts with their glowing testimonials about how BAC has helped them personally, a family-member—or their pets—to live longer, healthier and better-quality lives. The animal testimonials run the gamut from foundering horses, to dogs with IMHA to cats in renal failure and many more.  Have a read of just a few (there are a lot more where these came from!) and then imagine what BAC can do for YOU and your pet!




16 year old cat: She likes BAC so much she demands it!

I just have a comment. I started giving BAC to my 16 year old cat who is great health (except for a slight heart murmur which was just detected 4 weeks ago).

I was concerned that she would not like the taste and would stop eating her wet food if I sprinkled it on…..well, I started off slowly and now she will not eat unless I put a substantial amount mixed into her wet food. She is pretty finicky and I am shocked that she actually likes it so much she demands it!

– Melanie K. – December 2009


Cat with paralyzed rear legs: Within one week of using BAC the cat is walking and eliminating on its own

I recently worked on a cat that was paralyzed in the rear legs and could not eliminate. Within one week of using Advanced Energy Work and BAC and a homeopathic the cat is walking and eliminating on its own. Up until then they had to take it to the vet for elimination and were worried it would have to be put down. Thank YOU!

– Constantina – August 2012


Cat with lymphoma: From only a few weeks to live to feeling well for the next year

I was told my cat had only a few weeks to live by her regular vet. I went to Dr. Lemmon, a naturopathic vet and he prescribed your product. He told me he also took it himself. I gave it to my cat mixed with chicken broth 3 times a day and she was so much better. I believe it kept her alive and feeling well for the next year. She eventually was overtaken by her lymphoma but I am grateful for the time she got feeling well after beginning your product.

– Anonymous


Cat with kidney failure, bladder infections and a cancerous growth

I give BAC to my cat who is 16. She was diagnosed with kidney failure, has recurring bladder infections with unknown cause, and has a cancerous growth on her leg. I was told to feed her Science Diet KD and it was KILLING her. Her hair started falling out and she was declining rapidly. I changed her to a grain free diet and included BAC in her diet. Now she has had no signs of bladder infection, she is more energetic and the cancer has stopped growing. I love this stuff! Thanks.

– Anonymous


BAC for an elderly cat

We gave this to our elderly cat that was dying of kidney disease and saw an amazing improvement after just a couple of days on it. She had more energy and was more like her “old” self.

– M.A.L.


His fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed.

Hello Roland, … I’ll cut right to the point here! My cat has been given everything at different points in time for his health and maintaining his urinary tract health / urine pH etc. and nothing has worked, and BAC is the ONLY new product he’s had, I have to credit the BAC for this improvement.

For a year and a half now since he came down with the urinary blockage / FLUTD, he’s had bare patches on his arms (I thought originally that it was just slow to grow back where they shaved his arms for IV’s!) and also lost a patch of fur near his right hip; and a couple teeny patches on the back of his rear feet / hocks. Well for the past 2 weeks I have given him the tiniest sprinkle of BAC powder from a capsule into his raw food meals – I’ll estimate about every other day and not more often than that ! and his fur is swiftly filling in the bare patch on his side and the area inside his arms…*


Warmest regards,

– Laura Gordon,


*(read the rest of Laura’s testimonial at




BAC for healthy dogs of all ages

I have used BAC for a couple of years now, firstly on my older dog who had several degenerative problems and more recently as overall nutritional support and protection (radiation) in my other (younger) dogs. It’s a superb product and allowed my old dog to be free of medication until the day he passed away at age 14.5 years. He was in great overall condition, bright and alert, free of lumps, glossy coat, clear eyes, good hearing, amazing appetite and digestion and it was clear to see that the BAC was doing amazing things for his aging self.

More recently we have been giving ever increasing quantities to our pregnant female. She gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies just last week and is also in great shape as she now nurses them. Her milk supply is plentiful and the puppies are full of vitality! I feel very confident using this product that not only will mama dog stay very well nourished herself, her pups will flourish and be strong and vibrant – as a natural rearing breeder I focus on strong immune systems and outstanding nutrition and know that the BAC is an important ingredient in this! All the pups will be weaned onto raw food with BAC as an essential supplement and I will be encouraging my puppy’s new homes to continue with the same.

– Chrissie and the Vitali Vizslas, BC – May 2011


Dog with skin allergies: Skin is clearing up

One of my clients has a dog who has skin allergies they have been trying to clear up for seven years. She is giving the dog 3/4 capsule of BAC every day and within one month the skin is clearing up.

– Larry E. USA – March 2007


Dog with IMHA (Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia): We have no doubts that BAC saved her life

2008 is the year our Rainbow, our beloved Beagle, was diagnosed with IMHA…..her blood counts were down to 7 at one point. We had BAC overnighted to us and today, more than 4 years later,  Rainbow is still with us and doing fine, just an older dog now. We have no doubts that BAC saved her life. We did choose to never have any more immunizations for Rainbow, not sure that was a cause or not, but preferred not to chance it… You and your friends have our prayers for a good outcome.

– Sandy and Steve Howard – October 2012


Dog with seizures and arthritis: He has no seizures and his arthritis is 99% gone

I would just like to give you an update on Sammy, my 11 year old Cairn Terrier. I started him on Bio-Algae about 6-7 months ago. At that time he was suffering from seizures and terrible arthritis in his back legs. To date, he has had no seizures and his arthritis is 99% gone. I must say, I was very skeptical about this product but I didn’t want him on anti–convulsants or Rimadyl so I thought I’d give it a shot. I am beyond elated about the results! He is now acting like a puppy again and I couldn’t be more pleased. I thank you for this wonderful product!

– Linda – September 2009


Dog with skin problems: After two months her paws are entirely healed

We have a 7 year old female boxer who has suffered with skin problems her entire life. She would always lick all four of her paws to the point she would develop open skin sores. Her skin was always very red and irritated. We tried antibiotic, ointments, and various other prescribed formulations with only temporary success and no cure. After reading articles on BAC success with pets, we decided to put her on it.

We followed the recommended formula for Animals with Formula F3+ Forte (One capsule for every 15 pounds) after two months her paws are entirely healed and she no longer licks them and her body skin has returned to normal coloring. This is a living miracle! If anyone has any questions we would be glad to talk to them.

– Dick and Marsha Servetnick, Lafayette, California – June 2009


Dog with bone marrow cancer: Back to normal and full of life

Do you recall me ordering the Bio-algae concentrates from you last Sept/Oct?  It was for our dog, Charlie Brown, who was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal bone marrow cancer.  The doctors said there was no hope for him; he was only hours away from dying at the time.  Well, we gave him one of these pills as a last ditch effort (he could not drink or eat or even raise his head at this point), and over the next few days he started to improve little by little.  We didn’t expect anything at all, but it is now 8 months later and he is 100% back to normal and full of life!!  The vets could not believe it, and took a sample of the Bio-algae concentrates for analyses to see what may be in them, but they couldn’t find anything specific.  They simply see it as a miraculous recovery that can’t be explained.

– Anonymous, Texas – July 2012






Sammi galloped!
Once started on the BAC, Sammi made rapid progress. Growth increased. I had to trim her weekly. As she had new growth, the sole of her hoof started to become more concave in front of the frog. On February 15, for the first time in over 18 months, Sammi GALLOPED up the driveway, on the stones, on her own! It brought tears to my eyes to see this lovely mare finally able to kick up her heels and run with the herd. 

Ashara M, Horse Owner, Washington – May 2005


Protein synthesis


Our somatic cells count has been under 100 for going on 30 days for the first time in my life! They are eating about 1.25 pounds less feed per day.  To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to almost two sixteen foot chopper boxes of feed a month.  This is truly unbelievable!

John Perrone, Third Generation Organic Dairy Farm Owner, Wisconsin – February 2005


Results for the whole family

Skin not NEARLY as dry. Some sun spots (I have hundreds!) are fading. No need for the anti-depressant I was on. Bowels are continuing to improve. Total Cholesterol down 28 points after taking F3 for only 3 months. My husband has also seen results. Skin not so dry. Psoriasis is improving. Sleep, greatly improved. He had a stroke on Aug. 6th, so it has been very difficult to measure his improvements since the stroke knocked him down so low. As a result of the stroke, the Dr. had put him on a Statin drug. He decided to stop taking that since he has the F3 working in his system. Must mention my dog. No more red mange: rather, she has soft skin and a gorgeous coat of fur after being on F2.

– M.M., USA – February 2012



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