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The Martial Art of Wellness
Volume 12 – August 2013

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


You pray for good health and a body that will be strong in old age. Good—but your rich foods block the gods’ answer and tie Jupiter’s hands.

– Persius

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL ( BAC for the whole family! ) 

Skin not NEARLY as dry. Some sun spots (I have hundreds!) are fading. No need for the anti-depressant I was on. Bowels are continuing to improve.  Total Cholesterol down 28 points after taking F3 for only 3 months.  I am now looking for bone improvement (among other things that I have not mentioned).  My husband has also seen results.  Skin not so dry.  Psoriasis is improving.  Sleep, greatly improved.  Must mention my dog.  No more red mange: rather, she has soft skin and a gorgeous coat of fur after being on F2.  It has been a joy to share the product with so many people (sometimes out of my own bottle just to let them try it out) or just the information to those that are VERY interested.  The last time I was this excited about anything was when I found out about Jesus!!!!

– MM, USA, 2013


MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS ( What is the best water you can drink? )

In 1989, my boss at the time got me sucked in to the NSA water filters MLM (multi level marketing) business with promises of riches.  It was my first exposure to this kind of pressure selling.  I was naive. I did not know what it would be like and soon I was spamming my associates, friends, and even family into buying water filters and getting involved.  First, I negotiated and convinced (although I doubt that) my wife to invest some of our money in the enterprise.  After a few months, it did not work out for us and neither did it for 99% of those involved, including my boss as we found out.  But NSA made a lot of money.  And for those who ask me why I don’t go the Network Marketing way with the BAC products, this is your answer.  I learned everything there is to know about MLM then and there, and “never again” was my conclusion.  Yes, there are likely some MLM ventures that are not so bad, or of course if you are not young and naive you can manage your involvement as you wish.

However, during my fling with NSA I learned all I could about water and water filters. I read books, watched videos and listened to interviews, and I found out that the water in most types of bottled water is simply taken from local lakes, rivers or taps and filtered. Even those with fancy names like “arctic” or “glacier” are also plain local water.  I learned that there are minimal restrictions in the marketing and regulation of bottled water and water systems. I also learned a lot about water itself and how it relates to our biology. Eventually I learned that water is really a whole food just like the air you breathe or the food you eat.  And so I came to my senses about water and decided that it should be left as much as possible in its natural whole state; it should not be denatured.  So we are now left with the simple task of selecting the best source of water, and the best filtration or purification system.  Unfortunately we no longer have easy access to good water sources (and the best sources are dwindling), which would be fresh water streams and springs with certain characteristics.  If you want to learn about water and water sources, I recommend that you read “Hidden Nature, The Startling Insight of Viktor Schauberger.”

Another reason why I am sharing this story with you is to remind you to be vigilant about the “oh so many water peddlers” out there.  Some of you may remember back in 1980 when water was tap water and you could count the number of bottled water companies on the fingers of one hand.  Today, the bottled water business is a billion dollar industry.  In most food markets you can find entire aisles devoted to hundreds of different types of bottled water sold by various companies.  And on the fringes you’ll even find dozens of fancy water offerings such as distilled, reverse osmosis, pH water, oxygenated water, and several very expensive water filtration and water transformation systems.

Ever since my NSA experience I have watched all water offerings. I listen and I do my research every time something new comes up, and to this day nothing has impressed me other than regular filtration with a good filter.  And in terms of good water filtration or purification, I have been using the Berkey systems since 1998 for my family.  I have found nothing that comes close to the Berkey system.

And before you go on reading this month’s letter, take a few minutes to read two relevant articles that I have previously published.

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The vital importance of water for good health

(This article was contributed by Maureen Murphy, HC at BIOAGE.)

The human body is made up of roughly 70% water.  Water is the primary nutrient transporter, and water is involved in or responsible for just about every bodily process.  Many common health problems— including headaches, bladder/kidney disorders, constipation, hot flashes, heartburn, even muscle pain, arthritis and age-related complaints—can be alleviated through proper hydration.

Water is essential for proper breathing, digestion, elimination, circulation, absorption, and more.   Without water the human body can survive only three-five days, whereas the body can survive without food for thirty-forty days!

So, understanding just how critical water is to your health and well-being, it makes sense to be drinking the best quality water possible, right?

What is the best water you can drink?

Think bottled water is your best option?  Think again! Consider the fact that bottled water has become a HUGE business.  Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle have capitalized on the fear of unhealthy tap water and, through marketing genius and quietly pilfering public water supplies across the nation, have begun to monopolize and privatize our public drinking water.  Giant multinational corporations have been doing this in Third World countries around the world for years, and bottled water has become a multi-billion dollar industry that seemingly every greedy corporate entity wants a piece of!

Consider the profit:  If you buy a 20 oz. bottle of Aquafina (PEPSI ) or Dasani (COCA-COLA) or Ice Mountain (Nestle) water for $1.00, you are paying $6.40 per gallon of drinking water—roughly 60% more than a gallon of gasoline!   Five-gallon water bottles typically run about a dollar per gallon.  Compare this to the average municipal tap water at just about 1 cent per gallon…

The next consideration is that bottlers are not always scrupulous in their sourcing and/or filtering techniques.  Conclusions from an NRDC four-year study* of the bottled water industry showed that roughly 20-25% of the water tested had contaminant levels high enough to cause concern.  Unlike the public water supply, which falls under the jurisdiction/regulation of the EPA, bottled water is considered a “food” product (go figure!) and falls under the oversight of the FDA—but only if the water crosses state lines—and about 70% of it never does.  In addition, the FDA currently has ONE person responsible for ALL bottled water regulations and oversight—and that person has other responsibilities as well.  In short, much bottled water remains totally unregulated and many companies offer no better than expensive tap water—and that in an environmentally disastrous package!  (Most bottled water is also likely to be fluoridated too, by the way.)

Still need more convincing?  Consider this: the PET plastic that most single-serve water comes in is creating a legacy of unprecedented environmental disasters— requiring an estimated 47 million gallons of oil to produce, and leaving behind 1.5 million tons of plastic waste annually.  In 2005, it was estimated that Americans consumed roughly 29 billion bottles of water, with only 20-25% of those “empties” being recycled.  That leaves hundreds of millions of plastic water bottles in our landfills, contaminating our waterways, streets, neighborhoods and parks.  There are huge “islands” of plastic waste in the middle of the oceans, and “plastic sand” beaches causing untold toxic harm to marine life and entire ecosystems worldwide…and no resolution is in sight.

So, what about tap water?

Tap water has gotten a really bad rap, thanks to the marketing genius of the corporate bottlers.  In reality, municipal public water supplies are monitored by the EPA which is much more stringent than the FDA, whose lack of regulatory effort is deplorable.  For example, while the FDA actually makes allowances for a certain amount of any type of coliform bacteria (E. coli, etc.) in bottled water, (EEWW!) EPA standards for city tap water thankfully prohibit any confirmed E. coli or fecal coliform bacteria.

Tap water can come from surface water (lakes, streams, reservoirs, etc.) or from underground sources including wells and aquifers.  Regardless of the source of your tap water, it can contain naturally-occurring harmful impurities such as arsenic, iron, lead, radon, and other heavy metals.  Contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, asbestos and industrial chemicals that have leached into the groundwater or surface water are also common.  Further contamination can come from the degradation of underground or household  pipes.  Water can contain biological contaminants such as viruses, parasites, and bacteria—and remnants of the chlorine, carbon, lime, phosphates, and other potentially harmful, sometimes carcinogenic, substances used by your water provider to adjust the pH, kill bacteria, remove cloudiness, etc.

Trihalomethanes are a family of chemicals that form when the chlorine used to disinfect public water supplies reacts with rotting organic material such as sewage, farm runoff, and even dead leaves and insects.  These chemicals are linked to bladder cancer and other serious disorders.  When reviewing water quality from 201 large water utilities (serving 100 million Americans) the Environmental Working Group concluded that every one of those tested was polluted with trihalomethanes.

Lastly but importantly, there is the debate that rages on about the whole scale fluoridation of public water supplies, with big business and US government agencies still clinging to their claims that fluoridation is preventing tooth decay and causing no potential health risks.  More than half the cities in the US fluoridate their water, while at the same time, evidence is mounting that widespread fluoridation may be responsible for an epidemic of thyroid disease, and that it may be a contributing factor to bone fractures, arthritis, lowered IQ in children and some cancers.  Many European nations, Japan, and even China have condemned the process of fluoridating public water supplies.

So, how safe is the water you drink?  Ask for your municipality’s Consumer Confidence Report, which is published annually by your local water utility.  There are numerous website resources where you can continue your research.  Here are just a few (copy and paste these links into your browser window to access):



Still thirsty for more information?  Here are a few movies that you may want to watch:   FLOW, TAPPED THIRST, BLUE GOLD: World Water Wars, and RUNNING DRY.   These are excellent documentaries that help bring the current subject of water into focus.  Do your own research and decide for yourself!

BERKEY makes sense!

For HEALTH:  Drinking pure, clean water is essential to good health.  Berkey® systems are revolutionary!  Far superior to other filtration systems, they remove harmful pathogenic bacteria (99.99%), cysts and parasites as well as unhealthy chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.  Berkey® systems produce virtually the most healthy, clean and delicious water available!

For PETS:  You want the best for your pets as well as for your family!  Berkey® systems provide an efficient and economical source of pure water for your entire family!

For SPORT:  Used by hunters, campers, cyclists, runners and explorers, Sport Berkey, Berkey Go Kit, Travel Berkey and other systems are ideal for all sports and adventures!

For CONVENIENCE:  Berkey Systems are simple to set-up and begin using…just wash out the unit with soap and water, prime the elements, fill with water, and you’re done!  Berkey® Water Purifiers are elegant in design and can be set-up anywhere.  They require no electricity or complicated hookups and are portable.  The filters can easily be cleaned and re-cleaned and will last for years.  And Berkey systems have a better flow rate than most water coolers and other filtration systems, too!

For RELIABILITY:  Used by the royal household in England, by relief organizations like UNICEF, Peace Corps, Red Cross, and businesses and individuals in over 140 countries worldwide, BERKEY systems have become the standard of excellence by which all other water filtration systems are measured!

For VALUE:  Berkey® systems are easily the most economical water purification systems that you can own.  Their unique design allows you to easily remove and re-clean the purification elements over and over again, and each element lasts 3,000 gallons!  The average household will only need to replace their filters every 5-10 years!  With the Berkey® system, pure, clean, filtered water will cost the average household as little as 1.78 cents per gallon (4 cents per gallon for the first few years, until initial purchase of system has paid off.  Calculations are based on average pricing of a BIG BERKEY unit with two elements.)

For EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS:  Berkey® systems can easily purify ordinary tap water yet they are so powerful that they efficiently purify raw, untreated water from such sources as remote lakes and streams.  Berkey® systems are the ideal water purification systems to have on hand in the event of natural disasters as well as local or national emergencies when treated tap water and/or electricity may not be available.

For THE PLANET:  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!  Berkey® systems require no electricity—indeed not even any running water!  What’s more, the filtering elements last for several thousand gallons of pure water—several years in most situations—and can be cleaned and reused repeatedly.  And with Berkey® Systems, you’re not contributing to the mounting problem of plastic bottle waste in our environment…

BERKEY makes sense!  Now available via

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