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Volume 14 – July 2015

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


” When the cause of the disease is removed, the body becomes a self-healing entity.

-Norman Ford

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL:  Chronic Fatigue and Nothing but BAC

“ I entered a convent at 21 years old. One year later I contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and have suffered for the last 7 years. I had to leave the convent twice because the CFS symptoms were so bad. My doctors thought they had it all figured it out with chiropractor care, supplements and thyroid medication but no, I had a meltdown 1 year ago and had to leave the convent again. A Sister in the convent was using bio-algae concentrates to eliminate tumors on our German Shepherds. It worked so well she suggested I try balancing my body too. My CFS symptoms included extreme fatigue, bodily heaviness, labored breathing, ‘flu-like’ symptoms, pain and being depressed all the time. I have been taking Bio-Algae Concentrates f3 for 9 months now. Nothing has given me what this stuff has done. After spending a ton of money on supplements with only partial results, I take nothing else now but Bio-Algae Concentrates f3, not even my thyroid medication. I was at 20% functionality when I started Bio-Algae Concentrates f3 and now I feel I am at 80%. Thank you so much and thank God!!! May God Bless you abundantly. 

—Sister C.



Everyday there are new people who read my various articles and I know that they are somewhat surprised to see how diverse the information is. It’s a big change for some; yet they seek answers to their chronic health concerns.  They realize there’s quite a journey ahead. Often it’s difficult to significantly change one’s habits. I frequently receive testimonials and questions from clients.  One such recent question from Angelina spurred me to write my “elaborate answer” for this newsletter.  This will be a primer for anyone who wants to learn to cleanse and achieve better health.

Angelina’s question was:

“I’m 64 years old. I started to have health problems in my 40’s with pain in my joints. I felt more and more tired, and eventually it was so severe, I got depression. It got so bad; I thought I was at death’s door.  From someone’s advice, I stopped drinking milk, eating wheat, barley, rye, oats and pasta. After 5 or 6 years I started eating grains again. Since then, I have been experiencing tingling sensations and it gets worse each year. I have had tinnitus for about ten years now. I think that over the past few years my senses are decreasing; my perception of colors, my sense of smell, even my hearing. I sometimes think that my body has died a tiny bit. I don’t feel like I’m living anymore and additionally I now have some psoriasis. Lately I eat everything except wheat. What can I do to gradually improve my health and beyond that, find my energy again?”

What Angelina writes about is very common in America.  Let me describe what I believe are the principal underlying causes and mechanics of these lifestyle diseases or conditions that I prefer to call imbalances or disorders. The first, most important thing to remember is that our body is made of trillions of cells – cells that are energized and cleansed with oxygenated blood.  Cells that are either alkaline or acidic just like the cells of a common battery.

It’s that simple! Whether it’s your liver, your eyes, your heart, your lungs…no matter which gland, tissue, or bone, all are composed of cells. Cells are specialized, but they all have the same basic needs:

  1. to be nourished by food/nutrients transported by blood/oxygen,
  2. to allow the evacuation of wastes.



Crystal Clear vs Murky Swampy Intra-cellular Liquid


The problem and solution lie in the fact that all cells get their nourishment from and bathe in the same liquid into which they evacuate waste. Picture a goldfish in a murky water bowl and you get the picture.  The fish eats from and breathes in this water – the same water in which it defecates – hence the need to change/refresh the water often.  In the case of the cells of the body, inside and outside of each cell is primarily liquid into which nutrients enter and create energy as they are burned in the mitochondria.  The debris from this burning is then expelled outside the cell wall.  If this liquid inside of and surrounding the cells is full of waste, then even if you consume an ideal plant-based diet, your cells will still be struggling to receive adequate nutrients and oxygen via your blood.  This also impacts the cells’ ability to eliminate their waste. The longer cells bathe in a liquid full of waste, the worse they will function, and you will start to have glandular and organ deficiencies. Furthermore, the wastes accumulated are acidic, meaning that their actions on the body are acidifying, which will create burns, inflammation, swelling and pain. It becomes a vicious cycle and chronic disease sets in. Angelina mentions joint pain. Joint pain is typically due to an accumulation of acidic waste.


There is an equation which says acidity = pain


So what are those foods that produce acidic waste?

Well it’s quite well known now that junk foods, fast foods, high sugar content foods, and animal products produce more acid ash than fresh plant foods, whether it’s meat, dairy, fish, and even eggs to some degree. Grains too are acidifying. As a general rule, any food when cooked will produce more acid ash.  Ultimately, everything that is not water will result in some acid ash; even raw fruits, raw vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, etc. – it’s a matter of degree.  Also, when foods are cooked, they are denatured; they are transformed on the magnetic-electrical structural level, not just their macro-structure, not just their biochemical structure.  And the problem when foods are cooked resides in the lesser circulation and assimilation of their nutrients by the cells, when subject to poorer circulation to and across the membranes, and differing tensions and differing tolerances to electric potential. Cooking completely changes the structure of these elements so a raw food and a cooked food may have the same amount of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, but the bio-availability is not the same. How your body uses raw foods will be completely different from cooked foods. Your body cannot use everything in cooked foods as the molecular structure is changed or destroyed as is the case with enzymes and proteins, and what is not used is a waste in the body, so it will increase acid ash accumulation in the body and, as such, it intoxicates faster and more. What accumulates eventually causes inflammatory pain, like when it burns or stings.  A simple example used to represent both acidic and alkaline state is the rusted acidic battery vs. the alkaline battery.


Double A Alkaline Battery That has Corroded

When a battery shifts from alkaline to acidic, it becomes corroded and has no power


The wisest way to eliminate dis-ease causing acidic foods is to start eating alkalizing foods

The first step to take in cleansing is to reduce your intake of acid ash causing foods. Reduce your intake of junk and sugary foods, animal products, including dairy, and reduce your intake of grain products which are also acidifying.  Gradually increase the amount of plant foods, of raw fruits and vegetables.   A good way to increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables to neutralize the acid ash in your body is to introduce fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.  You’ll find delicious recipes all over the internet!  Try carrots, apple, and celery as a principal base: these are alkaline support foods that are an easy combo and will neutralize the effect of acid foods. When you continue to eat too many acidifying foods, there will be accumulation of acid ash in inter-cellular and intra-cellular liquids, contributing to buildups of plaque; additionally, the alkalizing compounds needed to neutralize these acids will be taken from wherever they can be found in your body. For example, calcium will be stolen from your bones, your teeth, and your hair, leading to osteoporosis, demineralization, dental issues, thinning hair, and damaged fingernails.  Switching your diet to alkalizing foods will gradually start to neutralize these acids that have accumulated, but in order to accelerate/enhance this process, you need to first evacuate the waste materials.  An optimally functioning body will cleanse itself as nature intended when you stop bombarding it with cooked and processed foods, animal products, sugars, etc. This cleansing is called “detoxification”, and the debris exits through doorways that are called the emunctories: cell membranes, kidneys, lungs, intestines, liver, gallbladder, and the skin.


What goes in must come out…somehow

Angelina mentions psoriasis; what is psoriasis? It’s your skin allowing waste to exit and developing a negative chronic condition. When there is buildup of waste, soon your liver and kidneys no longer work so well and become “saturated”.  The same is true of your intestines and even your lungs.  When these doorways become saturated, toxins can exit through the skin, causing all manner of skin conditions. The skin is one large window into your body! Skin inflammation, pimples, eczema, psoriasis and other conditions are all good indications that there is a buildup of toxicity inside that can’t exit through the normal channels such as the kidneys and/or intestines. So why are our glands and organs sometimes lazy?


You get out of your body what you put into it! You are what you eat!

Often, the principal reason for degenerative diseases, for illness, is “disharmony” – which is the loss of our hormonal balance or homeostasis, regulated by the hypothalamus-pituitary axis (HPA) located in the brain.  It is the HPA via the glands and the nervous system that regulate every function in your body! This “disharmony” is generally due to congestion of acidic materials, particularly when occurring in the brain / HPA. Alongside this “disharmony” there is always a negative shift in your energy; there is exhaustion, fatigue, depression – all which can tend to worsen the problem.


Its about energy, not about medicine

Angelina shares that her sense of touch is weaker than before; she does not feel alive, vibrant, that she has been more and more tired and depressed. Our bodies derive the fuel needed to function from the foods we choose to consume, similar to the engine in our cars getting its power from gasoline. Except that in the case of the human body, we are fueling around 2,000 engines in each of our 100 trillion cells – these “engines” are the mitochondria in our cells that fabricate energy (ATP) and store it like a battery.  And those engines are running 24 hours per day to generate the energy that our cells need to perform their work. And what happens in your mitochondria, in your cells when you are congested and polluted?   When there is no charge, the battery fails, and you are depressed, tired, have no appetite for life, no desire to do anything, you can’t seem to get up in the morning, and life is a heavy burden.




Health or dis-ease is a battle fought at the cellular level


It is likely that we function at 10% of our potential, because we are “encrusted” with internal debris.  We are restrained by congestion, by the overall clogging of our cells, our organs, our glands, our skin, our brain, even our eyes. The chronic misery in this world is because of this clogging. And why are we all clogged up? For the most part, it is simply because we eat too much of the wrong foods. Eating too much of the wrong foods is evidenced by obesity, fatigue, depression and overall slowing of your entire body’s metabolism (functioning).  Our cells are exhausted because we feed them too much acidic food that is overcooked and depleted of its life force, its magnetic energy.  The nutrients in raw fresh organic “living foods” are charged with magnetic and electrical energy unavailable elsewhere; and this energy potential contributes to nourish those mitochondria so they can fabricate and store the energy needed within your cells.  The more you move toward eating “living foods”, the more you will smile. Aside from eating a health-promoting plant-based “living foods” diet, what else can you do to recharge your body with energy?  The list is short; sleeping, resting, and taking on sunshine, moving and breathing, and avoiding stressors!  Stressors contribute significantly to cellular exhaustion, as does an abnormal pace of life, too little sleep, and other chronic stimulus.


Be aware of your over-stimulation

CB (1)America has become a society of slow beings that are increasingly over-stimulated by means of more and more caffeination and stimulating foods, (cooked, fried, deep-fried, salted, sugared, spiced, hot, strong). On top of that, we are bombarded by advertising – along the road, on call hold recordings, on TV, in movies, on social media, CNN or FOX news … the pace of life continues to quicken at an ever-increasing rate!  Take TV, for example:  I have watched TV for over 60 years, and now, I realize that the pace is much faster than it was when I was younger. Why? Because people are more and more bored and tired, so you have to stimulate more and more to overcome this fatigue.

We are a chronically fatigued society. We are the most overweight people on earth. We put our masks on, but we cannot hide anymore.  The entire metabolic system is slowing down. What does this mean? It means slower cleansing and elimination which results in greater intoxication, a slower nervous system, a decreasing sense of touch, slower circulation, less efficiency at nourishing all of our cells, it means that the entire system is slower, and there is general constipation.  Nothing is untouched by the endocrine and nervous system; it regulates everything. And this is not just on the physical level, the mental, psychic, and emotional levels are also impacted.  You don’t feel alive because you are exhausted at all levels.


It’s a vicious cycle

The adrenal glands sit above the kidneys and play a direct role in controlling kidney function via hormonal biofeedback with the HPA.  The kidneys are a major organ of elimination enabling the system to be cleaned.  When the HPA and/or the adrenal glands are tired, the pancreas, the liver and kidneys will be sluggish too and intoxication will increase.  The cells that make up your adrenal glands themselves will bathe in a more congested liquid – a “dirty fishbowl”.




And so it goes:  the pancreas, the liver and kidneys don’t work as well, the intestines don’t work as well, the skin begin to show signs, and intoxication increases even more…all this because the adrenal glands are congested and exhausted.  Thus the vicious cycle in which we enter.


As above as below

Angelina described a third lifestyle disease. She talked about tinnitus. Tinnitus is perceived at the ears and is often a sign of oxidative stress and congestion which by now has reached into the brain, impacting the function of HPA. Most people by the time they are 40 years old already have some level of congestion and inflammation in their brain and HPA, each with individual results such as tinnitus, weakness in the eyes, sinus problems, slower brain speed, pimples, thyroid, and memory problems, etc. This congestion in the brain is due in large part to acidic foods like dairy, meats and grain that create acidic mucus, leading to congestion and inflammation. Rest assured that by the time we have congestion at the brain, we also have some sort of intestinal peristalsis slowing down the proper assimilation of our foods.  We now understand that there is a biofeedback mechanism constantly at work between the HPA and the intestines.  That is why the intestines are often called the second brain. Whenever there is any problem with the head, such as migraines, tinnitus, sinusitis, various swelling, skin rash, problems with balance and vertigo, it’s a sure sign of some level of inflammation and exhaustion at the HPA, at the endocrine glands and nervous system which if allowed to go on, will lead to the principal diseases such as chronic fatigue, cardiovascular plaque, diabetes, tumors, Alzheimer, dementia, and many others.


So where do we start to thrive?

Our quality of life is directly connected to our diet and lifestyle. The lifestyle of most Americans, in general, is not supportive of wellness and longevity. So how do you resolve tinnitus above and/or constipation below?

  1. Adopt a physiologically sound, high energy, alkalizing diet
  2. Try intermittent, short fasting to support cleansing throughout the year. Do some research and try single-food fasting with just one food such as (blended) beets, watermelon, or carrot or celery juice, etc. for three days
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking plenty of pure water daily is important to help flush that toxic debris out of your body.
  4. Get up! Get outside!  Be sure to get some fresh air and sunshine daily…
  5. Move your body! Even small amounts of mild to moderate exercise is far better for you than inactivity, and you can add a few more stretches, steps, or minutes to your daily routine little by little.
  6. Take it one step at a time and don’t rush your body…there is no need to put yourself through hell while on the way to health!


We eat too much, and we eat the wrong foods.  A cow’s milk is meant to be consumed by its calves, whereas, if you feed that calf wheat, soy extracts, grain products, straight flour, meat and fish, he/she is likely to degenerate quickly. It may survive…but it will not thrive!    Any and all animals (including humans) that are fed a non-species appropriate diet that deviates from their natural diet will inevitably NOT thrive nor will they live long, disease-free lives. If you examine our species closely, there are many clues that suggest we are genetically related to frugivores:  our dentition, our digestive enzymes in the mouth, our stomachs and pancreatic enzymes, our long intestinal tract, and the way food is assimilated and absorbed by our bodies. In a way  humans are of similar nutritional origins to the planet’s largest apes. This means that our diet should ideally be made up in a large majority of plants, with many fruits and green leaves. That is what grows above the ground and everything green like lettuce, celery, spinach and everything that is green.  Raw fruit and leaves are best. Ideally they have to be eaten raw. It is better to reduce animal products as they are significantly more acidic than plant foods, and in terms of Angelina’s current levels of acidity, it’s better to skip them entirely because they will only serve to increase her acidity.

Get yourself a good juicer and blender.  No matter what your dietary regime, no matter your objectives, everyone, even those in shape, from the oldest to the youngest, from babies to the elderly, everyone will win from introducing vegetable juices that will neutralize the acids.




Slow and sure. Do you resonate with Angelina’s story and think “Wow. That’s exactly how I feel, I just want to die, and that is too much for me”?   How do you introduce the change, the new diet? How will you eliminate this congestion in your body?  You need cellular cleansing!  But you don’t cleanse/can’t cleanse all in one week.  It must be done gradually over time, where it will pass through the body’s natural pathways: the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs and the skin.

Stay the course. You need to be prepared, and know that when it starts to cleanse, it will be tangible and visible. Some people will see it as problems and as illnesses, as you may have more pimples, minor diarrhea, you’ll have more cells dying off, and you may have soreness at the kidneys because they are saturated. The name of the game at this stage is to stay the course, and to ensure that not too much exits at once.  The goal is to do it gradually, and gently over a period of many months, even many years.

There is no need to put yourself through hell while on the way to health.  Think of it as an evolution rather than revolution.  A gradual reduction at your own pace of the major culprits; junk foods, dairy products, animal products, and grain products which you can replace at first with steamed vegetables, replace your grains with potatoes, all roots, and all the steamed greens you like. This alone will be a major change to celebrate. And next when you gradually introduce many fruits in your day, it will take you to the next level. You will have fruit for breakfast instead of bread, cereal and coffee. Have fruit between meals instead of muffins, or junk and coffee…you can even experiment with 100% fruit meal for lunch or dinner several times per week.  Just go slowly into it, no pressure, you have the rest of your life to evolve and enjoy.

Simpler is better. I personally don’t think we were made for preparing complex meals.  This is a modern phenomenon that is not necessary for  healthy living.  Simplify your life with simple meals, and vary your food frequently. And think of moving slowly and allow cleansing to occur gradually over time, and your energy and system will improve along. Then you will discover a higher energy YOU, living a joyful life, something different than just survival. You will discover what it means to be thriving. Simply from changing your diet, you will rediscover your energy, this optimism, and the simple pleasure of biting into a fruit, this love of life.

Stop and smell those roses too. Take time to get some sunlight, and rest your whole body. Get as much sun as you can, and walk away from stressful situations as soon as possible…your life depends on it! If your work creates stress within you and you are under constant strain, I suggest that you take a vacation and rethink your work.  And get your rest, your daily sunshine and exercise too!  These first simple steps alone will jump-start your cellular regeneration, which will help to restore your energy, and restart the proper functioning of the machine.  Take small steps at first and increase these healthful habits gradually, but steadily.




You will also discover why you do it.

Think of cleansing in terms of restoring your life force, your high energy, your creativity – and of living a life full of joy.  Don’t see it merely as a means to potentially shed a few pounds.   It seems too simple to link such results to the diet, yet it is 100% directly connected. But for that, you must try it, you must do it, you must bear witness to it. And so you have to eat your fruit, your bananas, drink your juices. And so there will be a period of cleansing and it won’t be pretty, and people around you may ask “Are you ill?” No you are not ill, it simply comes out, and sometimes you will have to deal with that. Think about going slowly, eat well, rest, sleep, and take some sun-rays.  Also perform physical exercise, moderately and adapted to your new energy level.  Be careful; don’t do too much, just normal fitness activity like walking, swimming, jogging, etc. And then you will discover that everything works well. You will rediscover the high energy YOU living a joyful life.


What are the cleansing benefits associated with consuming BAC?

Let me remind you the benefits of including Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC)  as a complement to your daily diet.  We are energy beings. We live off the energy that we derive from the nutrients of the foods that we eat. It is with this energy that our cells, like good soldiers will perform their lifer giving metabolic activities; protection, growth, repair, cleansing, regeneration and much more. In this system, when the cells of the organ perform well, then the organ will have a fighting chance to perform its metabolic role such as blood sugar regulation with the pancreas. But let’s not forget that cellular activities and organ functions are governed by the glandular level which itself is overseen by the HPA. In long years of research, it was proven that the nutrients in BAC have this extra-ordinary ability to cross the blood brain barrier to efficiently reach and nourish the cells that make up the HPA.


BAC – Undeniably The Most Efficient Energy Yielding Food on Earth

When the HPA is nutritionally awakened, like any good commander, its first mission is to restore balance within the team, the endocrine glands, the guardians of health. When the endocrine glands are tasked by the HPA they have no choice but to obey the hormonal commands.  These glands are responsible for triggering the metabolic activity of the various organs and systems of the body such as; blood insulin level, pH levels, the blood cell balance, cardiac function, the selenium, vitamin D and calcium activities, and a myriad more.  When the HPA itself functions well, we derive symptoms of good health instead of symptoms of disease:

  • Endocrine Homeostasis
  • Energetic Coherence
  • Improved Memory and Neurological Function
  • Improved Cellular Repair including that of RNA and DNA
  • Prevention of Tumorigenesis
  • Increased Assimilation and Absorption of Nutrients
  • Improved Detoxification and Elimination
  • Improve Cardiovascular Function
  • Enhanced Nucleotide Production
  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Enhanced Cellular Glucose Uptake
  • Protection from Free Radicals
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Libido, Fertility, Fecundity and Viability




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