Give thanks for the blend

ninjaThe Martial Art of Wellness – Volume 18, November 2019

Dear friends – We learn to free ourselves from controls exerted over us. As we research we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self-defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And with practice we become Ninjas.

Give thanks for the blend

– Article by Dr. Roland Thomas, MND and contributed by Maureen Murphy, CNC, ND

We are made up of hundreds of trillions of living intelligent cells which in turn make up our organs, bones, tissues, blood and brain. The default state of the body is one of ceaseless regeneration.  Every moment the body is undergoing the active process of regeneration:  every three days the enterocytes lining the villi of your intestines are completely replaced,  your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days and within 7-10 years almost every atom, cell and molecule within your body has been excreted, breathed out, or sloughed off, only to be replaced by new ones – all of this is fueled by what you consume: the foods you eat, the water you drank and the air you breathe in.

Regenerative processes slow down with age and are further interfered with exposure to toxins and chemicals, nutrient deficiencies and incompatibilities, as well as by both acute and chronic stress. Ultimately, the degree and pace to which this happens depends largely on the physical and energetic properties of what we consume, impacted as well by lifestyle and spiritual choices. Unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, which are ultimately defined as disease. Once a disease is diagnosed, the problem is already systemic, and treating the symptoms will not likely manifest a cure. Today’s drug-based medicine invariably uses chemicals that haven’t one iota of regenerative potential.  On the contrary, this chemical model almost always interferes with bodily self-renewal.

BIOSUPERFOOD for prevention and regeneration!

BIOSUPERFOOD is a whole food with powerful, nourishing and regenerating effects on ALL the CELLS of the brain and body.  In the largest studies ever conducted on nutritional base health, the results of adding BIOSUPERFOOD in the diet were proven conclusively in over 20 animal species during 15 years of non-profit government-funded research.  These results are continually substantiated through the multitude of amazing testimonies from our customers worldwide. Visit details at Validated Super Nutrition.

It’s all in the blend

The reason for the power of these formulas is in their unique blend of four microalgae. The principles of food combination is that certain foods, when eaten together, deliver greater nutritional value then when eaten separately. On the microscopic level this principle can yield significantly more potent results. At this stage, it’s no longer an art – it’s a science. Nowhere else will you find a multi-algae filled capsule containing so many diverse and interactive elements. The synergy of the nutrients within the blend delivers much more than the sum of its parts. The result is a paradigm shift.

At blending facility, Dr.Kiriac, second to left supervises the blending of every batch.

This holiday season, ENJOY – but choose wisely!

  • Support cellular regeneration / self-renewal by choosing everything you ingest carefully
  • Limit the causes of cellular toxicity and burden by asking “Is this conducive to health or disease?”
  • Avoid pollutants and toxins in personal care and household products used
  • Find ways to deal with emotional and mental negativity and avoid toxic environment and people
  • For cellular oxygenation and detoxification imbibe in fresh air, sunlight and physical movement (exercise)

Add BIOSUPERFOOD to your daily regimen for nutritional energy and regeneration

Alone, no single algae can deliver such synergistic nutritional efficiencies. Because of the proven results obtained during long years of research, we know that these formulas deliver the perfect nutritional blast, and are undoubtedly, ounce for ounce, the most efficient food on earth.

I love this stuff and as a side note my husband is off his blood pressure meds and his pressure is way down – even more than on the medication, without all the nasty side effects! My friend with the liver problem is taking it too and she loves it – and has every hope that maybe she won’t need the transplant. I keep praying for her, but this bio-algae is an answer to prayer, too. This stuff is a miracle – a real catalyst for our bodies to heal properly. I look at all the sick and suffering patients and wish I could give this to everyone…

– D. R., Emergency Ambulance Services, California

Start now to make BIOSUPERFOOD a part of your daily regimen



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