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The Martial Art of Wellness
Volume 10 – April 2011

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


” The fascinating perfection of the highly sophisticated functional system, such as a human being, assumes a presence of the powerful mechanisms of self-correction and natural healing; and I strongly believe that medicine of the future will have a great respect for these mechanisms. This medicine will help us in the most natural and delicate way to help ourselves restore the harmony of our being, returning to people the art to see, to understand, to realize themselves as intrinsic and precious parts of a much bigger whole. “

– Dr. Irena Kossovski


No joke! BSF is a must for…

My name is Matthew and I am 28 years old. I have been using BSF F2 as my base nutrition for 6 months now. Besides an overall boost to my immune system and feelings of general health, help from BSF came in two main forms. The first was the recovery of a knee injury that had plagued me for three years. The change was not immediate but change did come where a slew of other supplements had failed. My knee is nearly fully recovered allowing me to use it like I was used to before the injury. The second came when I started seriously weight lifting with a personal trainer friend of mine named Justin. Long story short after three months of lifting and eating a lot I put on 30+lbs. of weight. Given my diet had some to do with it but I never ate the perfect 6 meals a day. BSF F2 was the only common link. The key here is the short amount of time in which I was able to put on the weight. So quickly it got people (A LOT OF PEOPLE) asking me (and my trainer) if I were on Steroids. No joke! BSF is a must for anyone wanting to put on quality muscle and keep their health while they do it.


Since I propose that taking BAC may replace the need for taking most supplements, I must help you understand the reasons why.

A first reason

I strongly believe that the whole philosophy and approach to supplementation is wrong in the first place… the sois-disant natural medicine mimics 100% the allopathic pharmaceutical model of treating “one” symptom/deficiency with “one” supplement.

The vitamin industry very much like the pharmaceutical industry is failing to solve our health problems and the health crisis in America, that is a fact. As more and more people are taking supplements, more and more people are getting and staying sick. The endlessly growing multi billion dollars vitamin industry has not made a dent in the epidemic of diseases in America; those are the statistics. With most supplements there is no empirical independent research supporting the claims and hype. At best we find lots of articles which mostly is “marketing” to make more sales.

Fundamentally most diseases are caused by abuse of too much food, closely followed by too much of wrong foods or substances, and as important, the lack of cleansing the debris from those foods (period.) This abuse over many years leads to health issues with their symptoms, for which people revert to taking a drug or a supplement for each; Lipitor for cholesterol, antioxidant for immune system, calcium for osteoporosis, saw palmetto for prostate, aspirin and vitamin E for cardiovascular symptoms, vitamin D for cancer, etc. The theories supporting these drugs or supplements abound and there seems to be no end to the discovery of new ones… Yet people go on being more sick than ever before in the history of America

How about stopping the abuses of too much of foods and wrong foods, and exercising? It is amply documented that applying just these two simple lifestyle changes will address 90% of most symptoms in most people. The health crisis would be averted. Why take drugs and supplements year after year, not see results, and yet continue chasing and hoping that the next one will work when you already know what will work?

A second reason

During two decades of animal research, including hundreds of tests and several large trials with millions of animals, BAC was proven to prevent diseases (including cancers) and increase productivity in 20 animal species (mostly mammal.)

All the animals :

  • were given BAC as a supplement to their diet
  • were not given antibiotics
  • were not given growth hormones
  • were not given supplements; minerals, vitamins, etc.

The animals …

  • cows produced 3 gallons more milk per day
  • cows’ milk was over 10% higher in protein and fat
  • cows reduced their daily protein feed by 1.25 lbs
  • cows stopped suffering from chronic mastitis
  • cows stopped suffering from chronic leukemic blood disorder
  • cows and chicken stopped suffering from osteoporosis
  • chicken’s survival of newborn increased 80%
  • chicken yielded 50 more eggs per year
  • chicken’s egg were larger with a more solid shell (calcium)
  • pigs stopped developing arterial plaque
  • cows, minks, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, all had larger litters

Many other health improvements were observed with other species like horses, sheep, goats, ducks,

In my opinion BAC is the only natural food that has undergone such extensive unbiased and scientific research. Base on this research alone, I have personally relied on BAC for my personal health and that of my family and for thousands of users of BAC. Celebrating 10 years in 2011, many have chosen BAC as their only supplements.

A third reason

It is true that some of BAC’s nutrients do not meet RDI levels. But its also true that BAC contains “some of” just about all known nutrients. Some nutrients occur in amounts that are not sufficient for the day, some that are enough, some that are over the daily requirement (yet non toxic over), while some are a complete “nutritional surprise” that you could not find any where on earth even if you tried. The Required Daily Intakes (RDI) In this section I will make no attempt to measure up or compare the ingredients in BAC to the Required Daily Allowances (RDI) in nutrients as suggested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other US and Canada health agencies. The main reason is the futility of this exercise. The RDI concept is detrimental to health just like that of the food pyramid that crashed a few years ago. It is detrimental because it creates a false sense of security. It tends to make people believe that they can be healthy in taking partial, isolated and synthetic chemicals instead of real biochemical nutrients which can only occur in food as nature made it.

The nutritional mission of BAC

Mind you, if you want to play the RDI game, then BAC can easily meet many of the RDI requirements, surpass many and address hundreds that are not even in the RDI tables and that “on that basis” should be. Yet fulfilling the RDI is not at all the intention of BAC. BAC’s mission is “to awaken the dormant genius within”. BAC is not a vitamin, a mineral, an antioxidant, an enzymes or even a supplement; BAC is a real food and as such is more than all of the above.

To make my point clearer about the role of BAC let me elaborate on the nutritional efficiency of nutrients as they occur in whole food as compared with nutrients occurring as isolated. I will use the critical nutrient calcium as one example.

In the USA, the Recommended Daily Intake for calcium supplementation is one to 2.5 grams. By the way, the European recommendation is for 400 mg. Who is right? The RDI recommendation was based on an emerging crisis of osteoporosis which has now reach epidemic proportions.

Let us not forget that calcium supplementation is a billion dollars industry. There are hundred of different kind of calcium supplements sold with a variety of delivery options; liquid, chelated, occurring with other minerals, etc. And curiously, the RDI recommendation for calcium (and the millions of women taking it) has not reduced the osteoporosis crisis at all.

The theories that our processed foods and to some extent even our soils are depleted of calcium. But the reality is that calcium is one mineral that still occurs plentifully in many foods specially when organically grown and eaten fresh. It remains extremely easy to eat one gram and more daily with a normal diet. Yet even with millions taking calcium supplements the epidemic of osteoporosis is ongoing?

In understanding the root of the problem, it is well researched that calcium absorption becomes a major factor with aging and moreover in women. There are many chemical and metabolic factors that influence the absorption of calcium and the absorptive mechanism itself. The former includes substances, which form insoluble complexes with calcium, such as sodium, magnesium and the phosphate ion. For example, the relatively high calcium-phosphate ratio of 2.2 in human milk compared with 0.77 in cow milk may be a factor in the higher absorption of calcium from human milk than cow milk. Furthermore, intestinal calcium absorption is mainly controlled by serum concentration, hydroxylase activity and catalyses in the kidneys, which may be negatively related to the plasma calcium and phosphate concentrations and positively to plasma parathyroid hormone.

Interestingly calcium taken as isolated supplements is even harder to breakdown and assimilate because of its inorganic molecular structure which is much larger than the naturally occurring form in food. Our absorption metabolism and even our cell membrane cannot deal with inorganic calcium. It is also well known (but not publicized) that this form of inorganic calcium is not only quasi impossible to breakdown, but also extremely difficult to eliminate?

Why does BAC stops osteoporosis in cows?

In a large Soviet research trial on a 15,000 dairy cows farm, when 2,000 pounds dairy cows were fed daily 625mg of BAC (equivalent to two capsules), they cease suffering from bone loss (osteoporosis). In the dairy industry dairy cows lose their calcium to their milk because of the “unnatural” daily lactation, and poor nutrition. Bone loss occurs gradually and peaks at around 45 months, at which time, because the cows can hardly “stand up”, they are usually slaughtered for meat.

“When taking BAC these same cows will go on giving milk their entire lactation period of approximately 70 months without signs of bone loss.”

A question immediately pops up “Is there enough calcium in BAC for the cow’s daily requirement?”. The answer, “NO there isn’t.” But, we do know that there is “much” calcium already present in the cows body, and as well, that there is lots of calcium in its daily food. So the question becomes “What makes the cow not suffer from calcium deficiencies when consuming BAC?” The answer is “When a cow consumes BAC, its hypothalamic-pituitary complex is positively influenced by the efficiently delivered nutrients in BAC”. When the hypothalamic-pituitary complex is nutritionally invigorated, it “awakes” and commands via precursor hormones, hormones and peptides, billions of biochemical actions, and hundreds of metabolisms, amongst those; calcium breakdown and assimilation, calcium activity and calcium utilization. In essence, the cow is able to breakdown, and absorb more calcium from its food, and utilize it dramatically more efficiently.

Using BAC as a nutritional complement is not one of “supplementing” a deficiency using a mega dose of a vitamin, a mineral, an antioxidant, or some other substance that will alleviate that deficiency, rather, the premise when using BAC is that “whole foods should be the source of all our nutrients.” In natural sciences it is well known that there are no functional “nutrient” other then those occurring naturally in whole foods, NONE.

In BAC there are thousands of nutrients, including enzymes, vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E and K, all known amino acids making a complete human protein source, all known trace minerals and elements, Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, GLAs (Gamma-Linolenic Acids), ALAs (Alpha-Linolenic Acids), DGLA (Dihomogamma-Linolenic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and more fatty acids, etc.

Beside supplying an “extraordinary” array of nutrients, the principal value of consuming BAC, is its power to “awaken the genius within”. When fed efficiently by BAC, the mission critical organs of the brain that regulate all metabolic activities, will operate better and the animal or person will assimilate “vastly more” nutrients from foods, whatever these foods may be. That is the most important value added of consuming BAC, a concept documented in the book Awakening the Genius Within


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