The Miracle of Regeneration Part I


The Martial Art of Wellness
Volume 12 – June 2013

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


“The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism…”

– Sir William Osler

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL ( Nothing Short of Amazing ) 

“I feel an overall inner strength increase…an intensification of what we can call the ‘life force’.  More ‘durability’ and can work stronger for longer.”

– Jeff R., California, 2013


MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS ( The Miracle of Regeneration Part I )

In this BioNews, The Miracle of Regeneration – Part I, I borrow from Sayer Ji, founder at two articles about human cellular regeneration to demonstrate the “wrong view” that is presented over and over by the medical and/or alternative health groups when it comes to lending therapeutic or healing properties to drugs, foods, herbs, spices, supplements, etc.

In order to demonstrate this “wrong view” when it comes to human cellular regeneration, I inserted in Sayer Ji’s article NOTES (red in the text)  in which I point out what I call the “dis-empowering allopathic model” (DAM) emphasized in Sayer Ji’s writing, and in which I offer in lieu the “holistic empowering model” (HEM) where regenerative power is given to the cells  and not to the substances ingested.

Using this comparative method, I hope to inspire you on your holistic Wellness Warrior’s journey.  Besides the NOTES that I have inserted, know that there are more points written by Sayer Ji that I could have commented on but chose not to in this BioNews.

In his articles, Sayer Ji’s understanding about our body’s innate regenerative powers is advanced and I command his intention when he shares his knowledge.  He is able to describe human cellular regeneration in a valuable manner that we can all comprehend.  So I am grateful to Sayer Ji, and I hope he will not mind me inserting a few critical NOTES.

For the rest of this article, all text in red are my comments regarding Sayer Ji’s topic.


The Flame of Cell Life-Death In The Miracle of Regeneration

Posted on Thursday, January 12th 2012 at 9:30 am – Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

Every moment your body is undergoing an active process of regeneration, based as it is on the ceaseless flux of cell life and death — not unlike the dissipative structure of a flame.

Consider the fact that every three days the enterocytes lining the villus of your intestines are completely replaced, and that within 7-10 years, almost every atom and molecule within your body has been excreted, breathed out, or sloughed off, only to be replaced by new ones from the food you ate, the water you drank and the air you breathed in, in the interim.

Truth be told, beneath even the appearance of our solid physio-chemical form, are waves of energy, patterns of vibration (not unlike sound), condensed forms of light, vast voids of inter-atomic space, and subtending that reality from ‘below,’ an infinite field of possibility, described with awe and elegance by quantum physicists and mystics, alike, albeit with different languages.




NOTE:  How wonderful is this “truth be told” regeneration! One must never forget the miracle that we are conceived of two cells, or that through cellular reproduction we are born, we grow, we repair and we regenerate, and that this continues until we die.  I emphasize here (as it will serve in appreciating further reading of this article) the fact pointed out by Sayer Ji that we become adults “from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe”, and let me add that we normally achieve such without assistance of any medicine or doctor.  And that, my friends, is what I call the “holistic empowering model” (HEM).

Underscoring this amazing interplay of being and non-being, without which life would not be possible, cancer cells are only deadly because they are no longer capable of dying in a well-timed and orderly fashion — a process of programmed cell death (self-disassembly) known as apoptosis, and shared only by cells healthy enough to die.

The intentional and relatively traceless self-disassembly of the cell, which is associated with apoptosis, exemplifies how the individual cell makes itself holy — which is the etymology of the word sacrifice (‘to make holy’) — by giving itself (one) up selflessly to the whole (many). The word holy, of course, shares etymological kinship with the words ‘health’ and ‘whole,’ forming a trinity of meanings which have long ago been forgotten or removed from popular consciousness.

In other words, in order to be whole, healthy and holy, the body and soul cannot be treated as separate processes or substances. In cancer, the individual cell breaks its sacred bond with the whole community of cells, i.e. the rest of the body, and proliferates wildly, selfishly on its own; cloning itself tirelessly, in a sort of narcissism which runs against the cellular diversity and cooperative interdependence necessary for there to be ONE, whole functioning healthy being on the macroscopic level.

This “selfish” behavior is to be expected of a cell that has been starved of basic essential nutrients, exposed to a continuous onslaught of synthetic chemicals and man made electromagnetic fields, given semi-synthetic ‘nutrients’ and ‘vitamins’ which no longer share resemblance with anything found in food, and enveloped in an electromagnetically-mediated cocoon of negative emotions, throughout the duration of its life cycle. These cells, like the example of children who suffer profound deprivations and abuse earlier in life, learn to grow up with ‘body armor,’ express ‘acting out behavior,’ ‘selfishness,’ and otherwise unhealthy and antisocial characteristics that could be described in an oncologist’s histopathological report as the cellular phenotype of cancer.

The ability to survive the constant onslaught of life-denying chemicals and energies has resulted in the down-regulation of genes associated with apoptosis, and the up-regulation of those associated with the tireless metabolic activity and proliferation of cancer. This has led to the cellular equivalent of the desire for immortality, which is highly unsustainable, and like a virus too deadly to escape the fate of its host, eventually brings down itself in the process, as well.

Even non-cancerous senescent cells, which accumulate with age and which no longer undergo the cell divisions associated with both healthy and cancerous tissue, may interfere with healthy life processes because they don’t die as rapidly, subsequently crowding out the living, continually regenerating cell lines that are healthy enough to die and be reborn again.  Cell death, therefore, and the healthy cell turnover that dying makes possible, is a fundamental prerequisite for the continuance of healthy cell life — and the tissue, organ and bodily systems made of these cells by not dying.

And both cancer and senescent cells, which stand in the way of cellular regeneration, can be induced to make way for new healthy cells through the induction of programmed cell death (apoptosis). has over 345 natural substances with apoptotic properties.  The body’s ability to countermand cancerous processes, and even to regress tumors and active cancers, is only now beginning to come to mainstream light.

NOTE: It is in this last paragraph that Sayer Ji switches from the “holistic empowering model” (HEM) properly crediting our cells for regeneration, to the “dis-empowering allopathic model” when introducing that it is the substances that have apoptotic regenerative properties.   When having described (up until here in his article) the incredible innate power of cellular regeneration, he “suddenly” writes “ has over 345 natural substances with apoptotic properties.”  Who is not confused here?  Which one is it: the body’s own regenerative ability, or the 345 substances with apoptotic properties?  In my opinion substances (natural or not) have NO apoptotic properties, while some substances (natural or not) may support (as fuel/energy to our cells) the apoptotic properties of our cells.

For instance, a ground breaking study published this month in The Lancet Oncology shows for the first time that many screen-detected “invasive” breast tumors spontaneously regress when undiagnosed and untreated. What this means is that, given a chance, the body will utilize internal immune resources to thwart cancer.

NOTE: Importantly, in the above paragraph, the “holistic empowering model” (HEM) is properly emphasized when NO supplement or other therapy is suggested as causation of the regression or the thwarting of the cancers.  I stress this because as you read on, Sayer Ji will then begin introducing substances with apoptotic properties.   I will be suggesting that this is a “wrong view” all through my NOTES.

Regenerative processes, however, begin to decline with age, and are further interfered with by chemical exposures, nutrient deficiencies and incompatibilities, as well as acute and chronic stress. Ultimately, the degree and pace to which this happens depends largely on the physical and energetic properties of the food consumed, water ingested and air breathed in, and what lifestyle and spiritual choices we make in our daily lives.

NOTE: Unlike Sayer JI, I believe that regenerative processes in our body do not have to decline because of age, but rather may decline with loss of our life force.  And I believe that with good diet and good lifestyle choices, we can maintain our life force and grow older with energy and vitality like millions of people upwards of 70, 80 and 90 years old.  We can also lose our life force with poor diet, stress and other improper lifestyle choices.

Certain foods, spices and nutrients, as well as therapeutic actions (listening to music), have been studied to significantly enhance the regenerative process in the body. Here are a few more cases…

NOTE: In the last paragraph the emphasis made that “certain foods, spices and nutrients, as well as therapeutic actions…” now “have been studied to significantly enhance the regenerative process in the body” stressing thus the “dis-empowering allopathic model ” (DAM).

This is what I mean by “wrong view,” giving credit to the substance instead of to the cell.   Just like lending medicinal or therapeutic healing or curing properties to drugs (i.e. lipitor to cholesterol) in the pharmaceutical industry is a “wrong view,” the suggestion written here by Sayer Ji and broadly adopted within the ever growing alternative groups, that foods, spices and nutrients have medicinal properties (i.e. saw palmetto to prostate), is also a “wrong view.”

Foods, spices and nutrients have energetic properties, while it is the cells of the body that have the healing, repairing and regenerating powers.  In biology 101 we learn that chemical molecules in drugs, or nutrients (vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, etc.) are groups of atoms (i.e. Water or H2O: one molecule of hydrogen and two of oxygen), and that atoms are mostly energy potential.  It is with the energy derived from foods, water and breath that our cells grow, repair and regenerate billions of new cells each day of our life.  I am proposing “let thy food be thy fuel and let thy cell be thy medicine” as opposed to “let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.”

Oh and by the way, I propose that music, exercise, yoga and qigong are NOT part of the dis-empowering medicinal model (DAM), but instead are energetic and modulating as part of the holistic empowering model (HEM) of wellness.  That our cells can receive healthy energetic massages from waves of music or from a reiki session belongs to the domain of cellular regeneration done by the cells and not by the music or its frequency.  Let us give credit to our cells for doing the work.

In reading the rest of this article I invite you to see if you can catch the areas where the article suggest a dis-empowering medicinal model (DAM) and replace it with the holistic empowering model (HEM).

There are neuritogenic substances (DAM) which are capable of stimulating neural growth factor, an important inducer of neurological repair.  There are substances that stimulate (DAM) the regeneration of beta cells, the insulin-producing cells that are damaged in type 1 diabetics.  There are substances that can regenerate (DAM) serious spinal cord damage, such as resveratrol.  And you even have substances known as neocardiogenic (DAM) that are capable of stimulating regeneration of the cardiac muscle.

NOTE:  Notice my several insertion of (DAM) in the previous paragraph.  Don’t think of substances as stimulating… think of the innate cellular metabolism making use of substances and becoming more active and regenerative from the energy derived.  For example; think not of resveratrol (or of any other nutrient) as capable of regeneration… instead think of the innate intelligence of the cells that orchestrate regeneration utilizing the energy derived from the molecules of our foods.  The “fuel/energy” properties of resveratrol are primarily its carotenoid pigments that are used by the body’s cells as facilitators during energy transfer (see my discussion on energy transfer at

There is also the commonly over-looked dimension of how much sunlight exposure is occurring on a daily basis, and whether or not it is occurring closer to the UVB-saturated solar noon (12 pm). Research clearly indicates that the skin has properties not unlike solar panels, capable of storing light energy in molecular bonds, specifically within the cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D sulfate molecules produced in the skin.

NOTE: It is empowering to visualize the specialized cells (and NOT the skin), doing the extraordinary work of capturing and storing the light energy from of the sun rays.  In this way you will realize that you are cellular light / energy beings.

Melanin also, is believed to convert sunlight into metabolic energy within vertebrate animals — a property that has been sacrificed in lighter skin humans in order to accommodate the lower levels of sunlight availability experienced by their ancestors living at higher latitudes.

Sunlight may be a key and irreplaceable ingredient in the regenerative processes our body depends on, and may not be substitutable with supplemental vitamin D3.

NOTE – Melanin does not convert sunlight into metabolic energy.  Through a process called melanogenesis some specialized cells produce melanin.  Melanin serves as one of many components utilized by cells as part of the extraordinary cellular metabolism that generates energy.  And Sayer Ji is correct here in his statement regarding irreplaceable sunlight – I have underlined irreplaceable above in his text!  In my opinion sunlight/photosynthesis and its relationship to human cellular metabolism cannot be substituted with supplementation of synthesized vitamin D.  Instead of supplementing vitamin D, we should strive to restore our vitality and cellular ability to synthesize, as needed, this important hormone D.  Read my article on this important vitamin/hormone D topic at

IN ENDING – When you start attributing regenerating and other medicinal properties to foods, spices, herbs and other substances you willingly enter the dis-empowering allopathic model (DAM).  Do you even know how many old and new drugs are marketed in the pharmaceutical industries?  Do you even know how many foods, herbs, spices, supplements, and other substances are marketed as medicine in the various alternative groups?  In both groups it is in the thousands!  Do you realize that this will never end, as new ones are proposed nearly on a daily basis?

Using the same logic, when you start attributing healing and therapeutic powers to music, or reiki, or qigong, or yoga, etc., you join the dis-empowering allopathic model (DAM).  Think not of these modalities as the healer, think of them as support for your body cells’ own healing and regenerative powers.  Empower yourself, empower YOURCELLS!

Join the holistic empowering model (HEM)  – the Wellness Warrior club.

Stay tune for the next BioNews – The Miracle of Regeneration Part II.  In this next article I will again make NOTES alongside Sayer Ji’s writings on bodily tissues that can be regenerated through nutrition.

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  1. purplerama says:

    Excellent article and comments, Roland!
    I wholeheartedly agree.
    It is the self/Self that does the healing.

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