The Vitamin “D” debate is ongoing

The Martial Art of Wellness
Volume 6 – June 2007

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


” We must turn to nature itself, to the observations of the body in health and in disease to learn the truth. ”
– Hippocrates


2 years and 3 months later – an update

Dear Roland, I want to thank you for all the helpful information and support you have given me the past 2 years and 3 months since I was given a certain death sentence by my Dr.

I started the algae and saw results in just a few days. I was out of bed after 10 years of being bed-ridden with Cerebral Vasculitis. My blood pressure normalized in 2 weeks and hadn’t for all those years on 3 blood pressure meds. The massive doses of Prednisone had destroyed my stomach and my knees. Within the first month those problems were eliminated and have given me no trouble since. My Raynaud’s Disease in my fingertips and toes was gone in the first month. My migraine headaches, which I had had since I was 21 years old, disappeared sometime during the first month and a half. I am not sure just when as I was so busy celebrating the lack of all my horrible symptoms, I forgot to notice the absence of the migraines which had gotten very severe with the vasculitis. I am truly a walking miracle and my doctors have been amazed that my recovery has lasted.

I thank you for telling me to go all organic right away, as it certainly helped me detox fast and remain detoxed. I know it made a big difference in how fast and how well the algae worked for me. Being a nurse, I understood the importance of keeping the chemical toxins in our food chain out of my body then and forever. Thankfully, we have Whole Foods stores in my area and I can get everything organic.

I am living life to the fullest extent possible. I work out with weights and aerobic exercises and that amazes even me.

My prayer is that people will give the algae a chance to help them recover from an illness and remain healthy and strong. If they have no illness I pray they will recognize how blessed they are to be healthy and will take the algae to help them stay that way. My family members take it to stay well.

My 44 year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease last summer (2006), and after talking with you, she increased her algae intake and within a month she was significantly better and now has no symptoms. My two granddaughters’ asthma is gone after taking the algae. They were on steroid inhalers and medications that were not good for them.

I have told my story and shared the algae with many people with varying diseases and I can honestly say they have all found an incredible amount of relief with the algae. They were all surprised there were no serious side effects. A couple of people got a little diarrhea, but it cleared up quickly. One is a two year old boy with very serious allergy problems and he has tolerated it well and is doing well.

You shared my original letter of my miraculous healing in your November 2005 newsletter. I often forward that newsletter to people I have told about the algae. Not only is my amazing story in there but the wonderful stories of many others who had received a miracle with the algae as well.

Sorry this got so long. I just want you to know how grateful I am for you, Dr. Kiriac, and God’s creation of algae. 

– Jan Khatibi, June 2007, Washington State, USA


It’s hard to believe in this day and age that a debate is still raging about vitamin D as a separate supplement. Already in 1936 an article published in the Reader’s Digest (read the summary below) should have settled the score between organic and inorganic. Its an insult to modern science that research around the concept of vitamin D as a “separate” or “isolate” is itself conducted in separate and isolate projects. Should’nt research take into consideration all factors involved in the process of nutrition?

What motivated me to write this topic in this month’s BioNews is a recent article Boning up on the sunshine vitamin published by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In this article “scientists” recommend to take daily large doses of vitamin D. If you followed “scientists” recommendations and logic, you would soon be taking hundreds of isolate chemical supplements (coq10, aspirin, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, etc). Vitamin “D” is critical to health, but so are hundreds of other molecules and nutrients.

Note: It is interesting to note that both the Cancer Society of the United States and of Canada are against these concepts of taking separate vitamins, and instead, both recommend to obtain nutrients from fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancers.

Common sense is in medicine the master workman.
– Peter Latham

Its incomprehensible that “scientists” recommend daily intakes of 400 and 2000 I.U. of vitamin E taken as a separate supplement. Today, with massive amount of information available on natural health, any person with an ounce of smart and with instinctive awareness can figure out that taking isolate vitamins or minerals is nonsense; it does not take a “scientist” to figure this out, just “common sense”

Harmony and synthesis between protein, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids

All of us have heard about vitamins since we were children. And daily we hear “authoritative” sources say, “Be sure to take your vitamins!” But, today placebo effect aside, we also know that all the vitamins in the world will do us little good without minerals! We logically know that it will not only not help, but rather it will cause further imbalances and cause us arm. Vitamins when broken down into basic elements: carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, are a group of chemically related organic nutrients, which are essential in small quantities for normal metabolism, growth and well being. For their benefits to manifest nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) must be obtained through food alone; otherwise they are either not synthesized or are synthesized in inadequate amounts.

There is bio-chemical harmony and synthesis between protein, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that can only be obtained from real foods; otherwise you are entering the realm of “chemical” or “inorganic”. You can not sustain life with a supplement of vitamin E. Can a fish live on coral calcium? Can you?

Minerals are very different from vitamins in their structure and the work they do, but the two enjoy a critical dependent relationship. Minerals create the environment in which the body, using vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, can grow, function and heal itself.

Recently, we hear so much about enzymes and anti-oxidants and their importance. Enzymes are extremely important for our metabolic functions, but enzymes are vitamins, so again they do us little good without minerals. Conversely, some vitamins are helpmates to minerals. Some minerals are eager workers, but to perform best they need a vitamin or two to stir them into action.

Then how can we absorb our nutrients?

With foods (period). For examples, vitamin C can significantly increase iron absorption, and calcium absorption is impossible without vitamin D, and vitamin C absorption is impossible without zinc, and absoprtion of most minerals is impossible without the triggerring effect of selenium and selenium without vitamin E will not fire, and vitamin E without vitamin C will not go. How to solve these riddle? How can you be sure that all these nutrients occur simultaneously in proper amount and combination? With food (period).

Metallic or organic minerals?

We know today without a doubt, that the human body cannot assimilate and use metallic minerals (Singly occurring supplements for example). The health food industry had already recognized this absorption problem in the mid 70s. To salvage that business, sois-disant “chelated” minerals were developed in laboratories, a process involving wrapping amino acids or protein around metallic minerals to help the body metabolize them. This “appeared” to help the problem by providing greater (possibly up to 50%) absorption. But what of the non-absorbed portion? Many experts in the industry will say that these non-absorption problems may be causal to the current epidemic of Osteoarthritis.

Minerals are of significant value to bio chemical balance, and metabolize many of our bodily functions. However, you could not live on soil or rock because it is not alive or enzymatically active like that of plants. Plant minerals, which have not been destroyed by heat or altered by man-made chemicals, are, from a nutrition standpoint, enzymatically active or living minerals; they are biochemical rather then chemical.

We know about toxic metals and most people have been led to believe the so-called toxic minerals are bad regardless of their source. Let’s take aluminum as an example. Aluminum, as found in the earth is a metallic mineral. It has always bothered us to learn that so many of our supposed leaders, intellectuals, doctors and nutritionist’s know so little about this element. It has been criticized beyond belief. Granted, metallic aluminum, like that which dissolved or leached from aluminum pans or utensils are extremely harmful.

But what about aluminum from food?

In the first place, all aluminum, which comes from food, is colloidal (pre-assimilated by the plant) and is naturally tied to oxygen or silica. This makes it aluminum hydroxide or aluminum silica. Both are known to be very beneficial and both are used extensively as food additives throughout the world.

Assimilation or non-assimilation
(Reprint from READER’S DIGEST – March 1936)

Plant minerals like those obtained from tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, oranges, etc., are different from metallic minerals. Their size and molecular weight is much smaller than that of metallic minerals. In most cases the plant minerals are attached to a different molecule, even though they possess the same name. We predict that the scientific industry will change the name of plant minerals in the future. This might occur after they eventually realize plant minerals are no longer metal elements.

Basically, the scale reveals that clay, silt and hydrophobic metallic minerals, on average, are considerably larger than hydrophilic acids or hydrophilic plant minerals. The figures at the top from left to right are measurements in microns. As an example, 10 in the power of -4 is 100 times smaller than 10 in the power of-3, and 10 in the power of -9 is 100 times smaller than 10 in the power of -8 etc. The exponents of 10 clearly indicate that bacteria, viruses, clay, and humic metalomplexes are considerably larger than hydrophilic complexes such as hydrophilic plant derived minerals. Pure plant minerals can be pumped through a pharmaceutical grade: .05-micron absolute filter. Most metallic minerals will not pass through this small membrane. Only water passes through.

Note: A water molecule is only slightly smaller than hydrophilic complexes. The small size and water solubility is one of the reasons so many nutritionist’s believe plant minerals are much easier to assimilate or absorb than metallic minerals. The bottom portion of the scale relates to the weight of the particle, which is measured in atomic mass units or AMUs or Daltons. A Dalton is a measurement of molecules and atoms. When reviewing the scale, it is easy to see that the molecular weight of hydrophilic is considerably less than metallic complexes.

In short, this clearly indicates there is a great difference in, generally known, “metallic minerals” and “plant derived minerals”.

Vitamin D blood levels of Canadians – Health Canada Statistics Canada

According to measurements taken from 2009 to 2011, most Canadians had levels of vitamin D at or above 50 nmol/L, a level sufficient for healthy bones for most people. In particular, children aged 3 to 11, and seniors aged 60 to 79 had blood concentrations of vitamin D higher than the national average. Furthermore, despite a reduced likelihood of vitamin D production year-round, Canadians generally had levels of vitamin D in their blood above the cut-off.

Teresa Janz and Caryn Pearson are analysts with the Health Statistics Division. The authors wish to thank Robyn Landry, who was formerly with the Health Statistics Division; and the Canadian Health Measures Survey team at Statistics Canada, especially Shirley Bryan, Janine Clarke and Johanne Levesque. Thank you also to Kellie Langlois in the Health Analysis Division.

UV, Vitamin D and Health Conference, Cancer Society

Vitamin D blood levels of Canadians – Health Canada Statistics Canada


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