The Wellness Ninja

The Martial Art of Wellness
Volume 15 – September 2016

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.


” Yet this is health: To have a body functioning so perfectly that when its few simple needs are met it never calls attention to its own existence. “
– Bertha Stuart Dyment

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL:  (Changes in body, mind and soul!)

I am writing this letter to you marking one year that I have been using the BioSuperfood products. I began using them last fall because I had been on birth control since college using Depo-Provera, and I had not gotten my period for over seven years. At the time it was a wonderful thing (not getting my period and all of the female things associated with it) but after going off the birth control, six months had passed and my cycle had not returned. After starting with the combination of BSF Formula F2 and Formula F3, within a few days I felt a difference in my energy, my regularity and my overall health. With the continued tweaking of the BSF and my other lifestyle discipline, my cycle became regular in May.

I have been thrilled with the progress my body has made over the past year. My cycle is regular to the day, my female hormones have adjusted and are now secreting properly and I truly feel as if my body’s core is stronger and healthy. Not to mention the fact that I am a teacher around many, many children who carry hundreds of germs that I now continually fight off avoiding those awful sicknesses I used to get prior to BSF.

Thank you for introducing me to BioSuperfood products. They have made a significant change in my body, mind and soul that will continue through out my lifetime. Gratefully yours.

– K. B., Denver, CO


Everyday I talk with people needing advice not only about BAC, but on all sorts of other health related subjects like medication, fitness, diet, supplements, water, etc.  I am amazed that so many people rely on someone like myself or other professionals for guidance or knowledge about their own health and that of their spouse and children.

Of course, having been through this learning process myself, I understand and sympathize.  I remember my explorations into wellness:  studying and practicing yoga, experimenting with various supplements and diets – vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan, Atkins, Ayurvedic – fasting, and the Chinese concept of Chi.  I also studied addiction and substance abuse, standard and alternative nutrition, and energy modalities.  I eventually came full circle back to natural energy concepts like movement, human breath, and the simple act of bathing in bountiful sunlight.  In many ways comparable to aspects of martial arts, I consider myself a wellness ninja, and I believe you can become one too.


Obviously I cannot pass on all that I have learned, but over the next several months I will share with you some recent and ancient knowledge about food, supplements, medicine, diet, etc., that will increase your knowledge and offer self-empowerment when it comes to your own health.

You Are the Doctor

How many times have you read or heard the statement “If you are uncertain about this or that condition, see your doctor”? How about “Consider it done!” as an answer? After all YOU have been seeing the doctor within every day of your life, and I want to you to remember this before visiting another “external doctor”.

Let me refresh your memory with the extraordinary fact that your body grew itself into 100 trillion cells each made up of millions of molecules held together by billions of biochemical interactions that occur each milliseconds of the day, and all that started with two tiny invisible cells – an egg from your mother and one of your father’s spermatozoid. That miracle, my friends, has been happening without the help of any external “doctor”, and will go on until your physical demise.

You are the wellness ninja in every breath that you take, in every thought that you think.

Your body continuously reassesses, repairs and regenerates itself every moment of your life. Billions of biochemical molecules and electrical impulses are continuously initiated in a dance that can never be reproduced by any intervention or invention of man. Knowing this, why is it that we decide so quickly to rely on someone else – an external “doctor” – to fix us when our body tells us that something is off (a headache, cold, indigestion, etc.)?

When did we lose faith in the miracle of our life?  lose confidence in the “doctor within”?  How did we forget that each breath we take is a life-giving remedy? Certainly, early on as children, we are taught to rely on and trust the external doctor or medicine, as our parents and their parents before them where taught.  For the smallest pain or ailment, my mother always had an ointment, a Band-Aid, a remedy, even “mama will kiss it and make it better” enforcing the belief in the external source of wellness.  Obviously there are instances where such intervention is needed, but what I am saying here is that we forget that, in most cases, our body will heal with rest.  We were never taught that eating too much pizza or sugar, or other unhealthy processed foods would likely lead to such health problems.  Instead it becomes ingrained in us to expect a patch for the pain, and that there is nothing wrong with abusing our bodies with improper diet and lifestyle choices.

Knowledge is power.

You need to acquire confidence and faith in your doctor within. To gain this confidence, you need information. Why not study health and nutrition… study life. Why not? What else is more important? You need to know more than anyone else about your own body and its health. Who could possibly be better then YOU to entrust your life to? How many drugs and/or vitamins will be pulled off the market this year? Do we really need any of them? Do you know? Who will you let puncture your body next to get a sample of blood for the likelihood of a suggestion for some pharmaceutical patch with significant adverse effects offering no hope of truly correcting the problem?

The Wellness Ninja

Ninja Wellness is awareness, a mindset, an attitude, a way of life, and requires frequent Ninja decisions and actions, and there is much more to it.  It is not a school, not a belief system, not a particular path with a particular guru teacher and so forth. We have had enough of that!  Instead it is the conscious passion of being well mentally, emotionally and physically.  It is ALL thoughts, tools, habits, actions, activities that contribute to your being well today, tomorrow and forever.

owl-590x370And most importantly it does not have to be learned or purchased; it is made of acts of consciousness that begins with the first act right NOW!

The next time, plan carefully your visit to a “doctor”, conventional or alternative. Read up on all there is to know about your symptoms or condition. Get informed on the potential solutions before the visit and question everything you are told.

Get diverse opinions and only then you will be in a better position to make up your own mind as to which solution is best for YOU.  Be informed and then use the filter that is within to sort out the options and make a choice.  After all, it is your body and your problem.

In future articles in this series, I will write about major components of health: Foods and Nutrition, Movement and Exercises, Mind and Body Relationship. I will cover such concepts as “Let thy food be thy medicine”, “Getting out of the way”, “Less is Better”, “Nourishing vs. Fasting”, “Proper Food Combining”, “80% of health is in your mind!”, etc.

Meanwhile, I invite you to Awaken the Genius Within by consuming the best and most complete dietary complement on the planet :  BIOSUPERFOOD!  For more information, visit, or call or email us with your questions:  877-288-9116


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