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The Martial Art of Wellness

Volume 17 – May 2018

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We learn to free ourselves from controls exerted over us. As we research we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self-defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Ninjas.


Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live in.


THE MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS ( Undoubtedly the best )

As we are preparing to launch a new 2018 survey about BIOSUPERFOOD, I want to share with you the extraordinary results of our last survey performed in 2008, ten years ago.

As you read those results, ask yourself if you have ever seen such high marks about any supplement that provides such comprehensive wellness benefits.  Frankly I doubt that you will find any user survey with so many multiple answer questions about any supplements or pharmaceuticals.  The two main reasons that you will not find surveys about other supplements are;

1)  there are not enough of specific positive results reported by the users

2) there are too many negative results reported by the users about the product not delivering the promised benefits, or about side effects of using the products.

In our BIOAGE survey, we had asked our customer users as well as our newsletter subscribers (users or not) to respond to a survey. We were pleased with the enthusiasm as the response was above average for this kind of survey.

I am presenting the results below with the response’s ratio for the survey questions. As well hundreds of testimonials were provided along by the respondents and some are listed following the results to the questions.

The most important survey findings:

  • diversity of reasons for using our products
  • diversity of benefits obtained
  • the duration of usage and satisfaction
  • commitment to long term usage
  • strong recommendations
  • the number of people that take many supplements
  • the number of people that take pharmaceutical drugs


1. Which of our product(s) have you used?

Total 100%

2. Why did you initially choose to use our product(s)?

I have never used your product(s) <1%
General diet and nutrition support 13.0%
For resolving current health issue(s) 11.6%
As replacement to other supplement(s) 11.0%
For increasing immunity and protection 11.7%
Anti-aging 7.7%
Sports, Athletics and Fitness 2.6%
For eye health 4.5%
For chronic disease(s) or condition(s) 7.5%
For mental clarity and focus 6.8%
For energy 8.8%
For preventing disease 9.6%
Other 3.6%
Total 100%

3. How long have you used our product(s)?

I have never used your product(s) <1%
Less than 6 months 18.5%
6 months to less than 1 year 16.1%
1 year to less than 3 years 41.9%
3 years to less than 5 years 13.7%
5 years or more 8.8%
Total 100%

4. Are you currently using any of our products?

Yes 83.0%
No 16.9%
Total 100%

5. Which product(s) are you currently using?

Total 100%

6. Why are you currently using our product(s)?

I am not currently using any 3.1%
General diet and nutrition support 14.1%
For resolving current health issue(s) 10.6%
As replacement to other supplement(s) 12.8%
For increasing immunity and protection 12.0%
Anti-aging 7.3%
Sports, Athletics and Fitness 2.7%
For eye health 4.7%
For chronic disease(s) or condition(s) 5.6%
For mental clarity and focus 7.5%
For energy 9.7%
For preventing disease 8.7%
Other <1%
Total 100%

7. What benefit(s) have you gained or noticed?

I have never used any of your product(s) <1%
Reduction & elimination of other supplements 16.3%
Reduction or removal of medication 3.2%
Energy and strength 14.4%
Better mood, clarity and focus 10.2%
Better fitness and/or athletic performance 6.5%
Digestion and elimination 10.7%
Reduction of pain 4.6%
Eye health and/or vision improvements 3.0%
Resolution of deficiency (mineral, endocrine, vitamin, etc.) 5.5%
Stabilization or remission of early degenerative condition(s) 3.9%
Stabilization or remission of chronic condition(s) 4.1%
Better immunity (less cold and flu, lower viral load, etc) 11.8%
Other 4.4%
Total 100%

8. How likely are you to continue OR BEGIN using our products?

Very likely 79.0%
Somewhat likely 12.9%
Neutral 3.2%
Somewhat unlikely 0.0%
Very unlikely 4.8%
Total 100%

9. For what reasons have you stopped using our product(s) (if you have)?

I am currently using your product(s) 64.7%
Price 20.8%
Did not derive the expected benefits 6.4%
Adverse effects <1%
Purchasing with another reseller <1%
Using another product(s) <1%
Other 6.4%
Total 100%

10. How many (other than our products) supplements do you take?

None 18.5%
Less than 3 31.4%
More than 3 and less than 6 30.6%
More than 6 and less than 10 12.9%
More than 10 and less than 15 3.2%
More than 15 2.4%
Other <1%
Total 100%

11. How many prescribed medications do you take regularly?

None 66.1%
Less than 3 22.5%
More than 3 and less than 6 8.0%
More than 6 and less than 10 <1%
More than 10 0.0%
Other 2.4%
Total 100%

12. Would you recommend our product(s)?

Very likely 75.8%
Somewhat likely 16.1%
Neutral 5.6%
Somewhat unlikely 1.6%
Very unlikely <1%
Total 100%

13. What is your gender?

Male 29.8%
Female 70.1%
Total 100%

14. Which category describes your age?

Younger than 18 2.4%
18 – 24 0.0%
25 – 34 5.6%
35 – 44 16.1%
45 – 54 20.9%
55 – 64 33.0%
65 or older 16.9%
Prefer not to answer <1%
Other 4.0%
Total 100%

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIALS (Several received from the survey)

Find next a partial list from the hundred plus testimonials received as part of the survey. I am including them here in the hope that someone else that may be suffering might be inspired to try BioSuperfood for themselves or BioPreparation for a beloved pet or animal.

I have highlighted the referred “issue” within each testimonial so that you can quickly scan through.

A few years back I was suffering from arthritis so bad that I had great difficulty getting into and out of my car. Since I was a “heavy duty” commuter this was a major problem. I heard about the Bio-Algae Concentrates and began taking them. Within four months the symptoms were entirely gone. – N.

I was introduced to your product by a friend of mine, and having taken it for a year I find that my Rheumatoid Arthritis has largely moved into remission. Seems like a great thing for me. Thanks. – Anonymous

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had heard of your product. I had a dream that indicated I would benefit from blue foods. After reading your info your product contained blue foods/agents. I did many things that would help me on the road to health. I went to the Ayurvedic Institute for detox and balance, prayer, meditation, a wonderful group of loving people, alkaline diet, and one chemo treatment. I believe all things (above) including bio algae, aided my recovery. – Anonymous

I taken have Formula 3 for several months and am still experimenting with dosages but so far I’ve noticed a great improvement with my digestion. I’ve had IBS for over 40 years and taken numerous digestive enzymes products and love the simplicity of taking one product rather than a dozen daily supplements. – Anonymous

I am using BSF to prevent disease from starting; I see it as an insurance policy as I believe the scientific conclusions based on the research behind the product, to be true. In the time I have been using the product – about 2 years – I cannot remember having a cold or viral infection, so perhaps it is working as a “shield” for my health, placebo effect notwithstanding. I intend to continue using BSF. – Anonymous

I had mercury plus 17 other metals, 7 in my blood stream. My eyes were 1 point from glaucoma, vision 178 over 189. I take bio algae and I have gotten better, there are many reasons, but I believe in your product and it is wonderful. Thank you – L.D.

Being type O+, clotting has always been slower than normal. Within two weeks, my blood clotted normally. – Anonymous

I’m still doing wonderfully and my last blood work at the Dr’s came back very good. I have very little trouble with my stomach. I’m so Thankful to you for this product and my quality of life. Thanks again, – Cheryl Fehring, Issaquah, Washington

My 10 year old American Eskimo dog, Russell, collapsed suddenly this summer. We took him to the vet and his blood levels were critically low. He received an emergency blood transfusion and went to a specialty hospital for a bone marrow biopsy. The results showed bone marrow necrosis. Our vet advised we put Russell down. An internet search for “bone marrow regeneration” led me to a website that sold BioPreparation. We have used the product faithfully and Russell’s blood count is now normal. – Anonymous

I used your products while training and Racing across America I rode 1200 miles in 5 days with less than 5 hrs of sleep. I suffered no unusual soreness or inflammation. I remain alert and for the most part mentally cohesive. I recovered quickly and within a month placed 5th in the North American 24hr Championships. I will be returning to RAAM (The Toughest Ultra Cycling Event in the World) to complete the total 3000 miles in twelve days or less in June of 09. – Anonymous

I do not have a “story” but certainly when I was considering trying your product, the testimonials that I read had a huge influence on my decision to try your product. Periodically, I get lazy and do not take it, but when I realize that I’m not feeling as good as usual, I get back on it and feel “normal” again. – Anonymous

Both my daughter and I take BSF 2 and 3 for seasonal allergies. Whenever we miss taking the BSF we can definitely tell – there’s a lot of sneezing, nose blowing, and watery itching eyes. But taking BSF almost immediately relieves the symptoms. – SB, USA

I found Bio Algae to be an excellent replacement for joint, vitamin and mineral supplements. I have less pain, more mobility and energy to do my physically demanding job at age 54, in fact I outwork many people younger than me! – PD Montana, USA Anonymous

I first heard of BioSuperfood from a friend who had IBS which was gone in three days of using BSF3+. I started using BioSuperfood and I notice new positive changes in/on my body all the time. The most prominent changes are contracting less viruses, the need for less asthma medication, less insomnia, an annual skin rash is extinct, the PH in my body is neutral versus acidic and a general feeling of wellness. – Anonymous

I’ve already posted my amazing testimony, my thyroid works again, so the doctor told me that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life!!!! Now I use BSF not for my thyroid as it is working again but for my immune system. 🙂 Have a blessed day. – EB

Three times in the last few years I have run out of the F2 capsules. After being out three or four weeks, I developed an old fluid problem and was rushed to the hospital each time with heart problems. I will never run out again unless I just don’t have enough money to buy them. – Lee Brown, Cisne, IL.

BioSuperfood has helped me cope with stress during a stressful marriage relationship. It has kept my spirits high despite negative surroundings. Mental clarity would describe my thinking, and I have found my way out of the former fog. I have been able to be upbeat, confident and feel empowered. – LM, ID

Both husband and I were taking this as a general supplement when I got pregnant. Very healthy pregnancy and baby as I continued to use it through pregnancy. I have not had difficulty conceiving and we have had some good success. – Anonymous

I have struggled with congenital respiratory illnesses my entire life. By 18 months of age I coped with severe allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, bouts of severe tonsillitis and double bronchial pneumonia … The F2+F3 BSF Combo are the single most effective nutritional supplement I’ve ever used…and I’ve tried dozens… I’ve been off all medications for over 2 years. Even the worst summer pollutants no longer trigger asthmatic reactions. Thanks so much for the products you offer! – Anonymous

Very Appreciated! – TW

My hands were falling asleep during the night, and I would wear wrist braces to prevent this. After taking BSF F2 and F3 for about 1 to 1 1/2 years, I was able to sleep without numbness and without the braces. Also, increasing the F3 has helped with menopause, greatly reducing hot flashes. – D.O., PA, USA

I noticed an immediate difference when I began taking BSF. The first night, and every night for weeks after, I slept like a baby. No waking up at 3am, unable to go back to sleep. I was sleeping better than I had in many, many years. My energy level began to improve within a couple of weeks and at the end of 3 weeks I had stopped falling asleep in my chair after dinner. Within 5 weeks my digestion and elimination are better. – Anonymous

My 3.5 year old Sheltie, Riley was diagnosed with lymphoma. He is taking chemo therapy but is on F3 formula 1/2 capsule 6 times per day. He went into remission with his second chemo, and the tumor had completely gone away. He has only had one bad reaction to the chemo and has plenty of energy and is leading a full life. – Anonymous

I started using this product because I was going to a gym and using a very determined personal trainer. At 67 years old I was lifting weights, doing the treadmill with an incline of 5 and at the speed of 6, and doing core exercises of balance, planks, and abdomen. Unfortunately my trainer moved on. I was amazed during that year at what I was able to do and how fast I was able to increase in weight and balance, and I believe this is partly due to the product, and partly to the trainer. I’ll let you know! – Anonymous

I was told my cat had only a few weeks to live by her regular vet. I went to Dr Lemmon, a naturopathic vet and he prescribed your product. He told me he also took it himself. I gave it to my cat mixed with chicken broth 3 times a day and she was so much better. I believe it kept her alive and feeling well for the next year. She eventually was over taken by her lymphoma but I am grateful for the time she got feeling well after beginning your product. – Anonymous

Phyllis has used the BioSuperfood 3 for over 6 months. It has helped her mental clarity, her arthritis and her energy. We would recommend the product. -Anonymous

I have always suffered from skin conditions, (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) for most of my life. As the cold weather approaches, my skin becomes very itchy, red, and hot. By this time, I would be very uncomfortable. Taking a shower would be painful. But I am not suffering from these symptoms. I started taking your product this past summer. I am happy to be itch free! – CC IL USA


As a multiple cancer survivor I feel that taking BioSuperfood has improved my general sense of well-being. At my age one does not expect to feel better with the passing years but I feel better than I did twenty years ago. Part of the reason must be that I am taking BioSuperfood although I am sure that Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructions by Sifu George Picard also earn plaudits. – CB, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Great product. I feel much better with it than without it. – Anonymous

My 13+ yrs old Rhodesian Ridgeback’s health was not good. He had trouble fully digesting his food and had a terrible gas problem. His stool was loose about 80% of the time. Then I found BP+, which has improved his digestion and energy dramatically. He had surgery at 13 yrs of age, and I strongly believe he would not have recovered from this last surgery as quickly and easily as he did if he had not been taking BP+. – GC Wisconsin

As an Animal Wellness Consultant I cannot tell you how many animals I have seen improve their health on the Biosuperfood products. Time and again with issues ranging from Immune Mediated Anemia to cloudy eyes, to digestion issues to tumors and allergies the animals get healthier. I have watched coats change within a week, arthritic animals move with greater ease, older animals perk up and a renewed vitality emerge. – Alecia Evans Animal Wellness Consultant

When I first started to use Biosuperfood my hands were so swollen I was unable to close them. People now say my hands are beautiful and I have no problems closing them. – Anonymous

One of my clients was diagnosed with cancer and was treated with 35 treatments of radiation. I gave him Biosuperfood according to Dr. Kiriac’s instructions. He lost no work and felt well throughout. – Anonymous

A homeopath recommended BioPreparation for my dog that had a personality change after receiving a vaccination. She became reactive – barking and growling at some dogs and people. BP has helped calm her down and therefore makes it much easier to walk her and take her places! In addition, because BP contains thousands of nutrients and antioxidants, I am more comfortable that she is getting the nutrients that her body needs for the best health possible. – Anonymous

In talking with Dr. Roland Thomas, he told me what to do to help with my sugar cravings; and, it works. My energy is stronger, I am exercising for the first time in years and the scale is dropping; so far, in 2 months, I have lost 13 lbs. I can’t save enough how absolutely that BSF 2 & 3 are healing all areas and creating well being. 125 years looks good; so, I can say I am just now in the prime of life at 65. Thanks for you and Dr. Kiriac, and, Team that continues to bring healing to the planet. – MJM

I have had Glaucoma for over ten years and my pressure never went below 18 even with drops. After two months on bio algae my pressure dropped to 11 in one eye and 9 in the other. I have been using two years now and my doctor is thrilled. Also I had a bone density test a few months ago. M GYN could not believe the difference since the last one and asked me what I was taking. I am 68 and the figures were much better than hers. – Anonymous

I give BioSuperfood to my cat who is 16. She was diagnosed with kidney failure, has reoccurring bladder infections with unknown cause, and has a cancerous growth on her leg. I was told to fee her Science Diet KD and it was KILLING her. Her hair started falling out and she was declining rapidly. I changed her to a grain free diet and included BioSuperfood in her diet. Now she has had no signs of bladder infection, she is more energetic, the cancer has stopped growing. I love this stuff! Thanks. – Anonymous


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