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The Martial Art of Wellness

Volume 17 – September 2018

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We learn to free ourselves from controls exerted over us. As we research we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self-defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Ninjas.


” Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.  

– Gary Zukav

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I don’t have a testimony of any great healing, just that when I do have this product I feel 100% better stronger happier focused and healthy. So does my cat who is 16, she’s like a kitten!

– Signe D., Colorado, USA

THE MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS ( Wellness begins when you decide )

Article written by Maureen Murphy, ND

Are we overlooking the most important aspect of healing? Our modern lives have become hectic – indeed toxic – and stress-filled with a constant bombardment of marketing, both subtle and overt, virtually every waking hour.  We strive for more, newer, bigger and better homes, cars and material goods; we are exposed to GMOs, processed foods, pesticides, EMFs, radiation, heavy metals, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, artificial fragrances, personal care and cleaning products laden with hidden poisons…not to mention an overwhelming amount of misinformation meant to divert our attention and confuse us.

It’s no secret that we have gained more access to a wealth of online informational resources, news, world events and “friends” via social media, texting and Apps.  At the same time though, our connection to each other, the natural world, our whole, true selves and our Source has largely been lost.

Our existence is becoming increasingly artificial. …In severing the bond with nature, we risk losing our sense of wholeness.  When this happens we become increasingly vulnerable to stress.

– Claire Harvey

And stress, of course, leads to all manner of negative impact on both our psyche and physical health. Muscle tension, headache, upset stomach, racing heartbeat, and shallow breathing are just a few of the noticeable responses. Many people are unable to find a way to put the brakes on stress.

With chronic low-level stress the sympathetic nervous system remains activated, stimulating the adrenal glands to release epinephrine and norepinephrine, which increase pulse and blood pressure and affect other physiological responses.  The secretion of these hormones leads to a variety of metabolic changes all over the body, keeping the body’s fight-or-flight responses firing – a good thing if you’re in true physical danger.  But, much like a motor that is idling too high for too long, not so good if your body needs to rest and repair.  After a while, this has a negative effect on the body, contributing to health problems associated with chronic stress which – arguably – are most health problems.

Conversely, when the “Relaxation Response*” kicks in, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over, releasing counterbalancing relaxation hormones, flipping the immune system on, and enabling a rested state of repair and rejuvenation.  In other words, when our mind is hopeful and optimistic, the parasympathetic system is minding the helm and the body is in a state of physiological rest and repair; while if the mind is operating from a state of negative beliefs, the sympathetic nervous system fight-or-flight state leaves little energy for rest and healing.

The mainstream western medical community and Big Pharma have the general populace convinced that only chemical medicine – and/or surgical intervention – are “valid” medical practices.  But through a handful of brave maverick MDs and researchers and the persistence of complementary alternative medical practitioners, the importance of Mind/Body healing has endured.

This is evidenced by the fact that many people are still seeking non-allopathic solutions to physical and psychological health issues choosing, instead, some form of complementary/ alternative therapy. In a 1993 survey conducted in the United States by Eisenberg et al, it was found that one in 3 participants had used at least one form of alternative therapy in the previous year, and similar studies outside of the US indicated that roughly 70-90% of health care is from complementary alternative medical practitioners.  Those numbers appear to be growing in the years since.

It’s not enough to focus solely on the body without taking into account the health of the mind.  Promoting health of the body without encouraging health of the mind is an exercise in futility.  Not until we realize that our bodies are mirrors of our interpersonal, spiritual, professional, sexual, creative, financial, environmental, mental, and emotional health will we truly heal.  In fact, the scientific data suggests that, at least in some instances, the health of the mind is equally, if not more important to the health of the body…  The body is a reflection of the sum of our life experiences.

– Lissa Rankin, M.D.

In his book “Heal Thyself”, Dr. Edward Bach expressed some key points: “The main reason for the failure of modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not causes…disease in its origin is not material… No effort directed to the body alone can do more than superficially repair damage, and in this there is no cure, since the cause is still operative and may at any moment again demonstrate its presence in another form.”

Dr. Bach believed the basis of disease was found in disharmony between the Soul and the personality, echoing the beliefs of the 16th century Swiss physician, alchemist, and astrologer, Paracelsus.

According to Dr. John Diamond, the third member of the Mind/Body/Spirit triune is a Life Energy residing within each of us – the innate healing power of the body. This concept of life energy has been around for thousands of years, referred to by many names throughout the history of medicine. The Greeks called it thymos; Hippocrates called it vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature; while Paracelsus wrote of it as Archaeus; the Chinese, Chi; the Egyptians, Ka; The Hindus, Prana; the Buddhists, Subtle Winds; the Hawaiians, Mana. All names evoke the true and only healing – that which occurs from within – and that which the majority of western allopathic medicine has yet to acknowledge.

Quantum physicists have begun to awaken to the concept that the subatomic particles that make up the entire universe, including people, are actually patterns of frozen energy and light. This concept that human beings are multidimensional energy systems is an idea that stems, in part from the Einsteinian realization that matter and energy are dual expressions of the same universal substrate that makes up all things.

Regardless of your belief system in terms of the spirit/soul/source – or even if your preference is for a more linear Newtonian science, it is widely recognized that physical well-being generally goes hand-in-hand with a positive mental and spiritual outlook.  There is little doubt these days that negative emotions can depress not only the mind but also the immune system, having a negative impact on activity level and resulting in ill health.

There are many steps you can take – starting right now – that can aid you mentally and spiritually and, ultimately, improve your overall health:

  • BREATHE. And I mean consciously breathe.  Learn the art of deep, conscious breathing and appreciate each breath you take. The breath is, in fact, nourishment for your body that you cannot live without – it pays to show it some respect!
  • Learn and practice the art of Qi Gong and/or Tai Chi which translate loosely to “breath work”. Not only are these age-old graceful movements helpful in keeping every part of your body functioning optimally, they are a form of “moving meditation.”
  • Learn to sit quietly and center yourself through Meditation and/or Prayer, and set aside some time (20 minutes or longer is ideal) for this practice every single day. Research has shown that regular use of meditation can help any health problem that is caused or exacerbated by chronic stress such as fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal ailments, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety disorders, and more.
  • Regular Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and other feel-good chemicals that can reduce your perception of pain and increase your sense of psychological well-being.
  • Don’t negate the importance of fresh air and sunshine. Sunlight can be truly cathartic as many who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will attest.  Taking even a short walk in the forest, on the beach, or even in your city neighborhood can sometimes do wonders for clearing your head and improving your mood.
  • Be certain to stay properly hydrated with pure water! You might be surprised just how much even partial dehydration can negatively impact your physical and mental health!
  • Eat a healthy, balanced and mostly plant-based diet and ditch the junk. Eat to live and eat to heal.  High sugar, high fat, and highly-processed foods have little or no nutritional value and can actually rob your body of feel-good vitamins and minerals.
  • Don’t overeat! Stress-eating can create a vicious cycle – particularly if you’re eating the wrong (unhealthy) foods which is all too common when you eat for emotional reasons.
  • Consume some Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) daily to complement both your emotional and physical health. BAC encourages optimum functioning of the adrenals and endocrine system, and the natural and balanced production of melatonin, BAC is so effective for brain function that many people experience quick psychological improvement, motivation, balance and relief of depression and anxiety. Psychological improvement leads to naturally strong but calm resolve, the will to eat better, exercise or be active, and to grow and deal with the stress of change, to create, to actualize, to achieve, and to be your true self at full potential.  Visit at www.bioage.com for more information.

So, what’s the bottom line message here?  It is that none of us is simply a body – a skin-covered machine with nothing but physical components – parts that can be medicated, removed or replaced to be made good as new.  We must learn to look at ourselves wholistically as much more than that – with a Body, a Mind, and another, oft times mysterious but very important component.  Call it whatever you like, but it is a force in our health and well-being that must be reckoned with if we are to remain whole and healthy.



*The term relaxation response was coined by a Harvard cardiologist by the name of Herbert Benson while studying the effects of meditation on blood pressure back in the late 1960s.  Eventually, Benson wrote a book by the same name in 1975, which elicited the admonishment of his peers as merely a tome about the placebo effect.

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