BAC and Women’s Health – Part I


The Martial Art of Wellness
Volume 12 – January 2013

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Welcome to this month’s BioNews.  We must learn to free ourselves from the control that others exert over us. As we learn we become FREE, we become powerful.  This pursuit of self defense in wellness, I call “The Martial Art of Wellness.” And as we practice we become Wellness Ninjas.




“In order to release your addiction, it is necessary to enter your inadequacies, to recognize that they are real, and to bring them into the light of consciousness to heal.”
– Gary Zukav

THIS ISSUE’S TESTIMONIAL ( Prostate regained normal size ) 

“Hello Doctor Kiriac,

We wish to share our good news about Oracle, our 12 year old boxer dog. Five weeks ago, our vet had diagnosed a mass of 5 cm between the liver and kidneys, as well as prostatic hypertrophy, with a small mass within the prostate. Yesterday we went for an ultrasound. It’s a miracle! The mass in the liver has completely disappeared; the prostate has regained normal size. Only the small mass in the prostate remains visible, but has decreased in size.

Oracle also had a mass of the size of a quail egg on one of his paws. Today, the mass is still present, but it’s the size of a bean. Many lumps to the abdomen and armpit have also decreased significantly! Oracle licks and scratches much less than before. Oracle was fed raw food for many years, but the diet alone was not enough. We are happy that BAC came to his aid as he enjoys many benefits now!

With BAC, our dog found new vitality and appears rejuvenated. We will continue the protocol to provide lasting benefits. We wish to thank you with all our hearts for helping us in the wellness of our dog.”

-Alain and Sylvia, Canada

MARTIAL ART OF WELLNESS ( BAC and Women’s Health – Part I ) 

BAC and Women’s Health – Part I

From childhood to the golden years, Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) provides extraordinary support for a woman’s body! We are confident that your body will benefit from adding BAC to your regimen, and we are dedicating several of our next issues of BioNews to tell you why. We thought we would let our happy users help us write this series via their shared testimonials and stories.

First things first, what is BAC?

Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) offer advanced nutritional support for ANY body. Its wide spectrum of over 15,000 nutrients is unmatched by any multi-vitamin, mineral supplement, or other green super-food on the market. BAC is a whole, complete, balanced and synergistic food and is 100% assimilated by the body! In fact, BAC is undoubtedly the most perfect complement to your diet. Here is a list of its major nutrients:

    • Vitamins – BAC contains some of all known vitamins – A, B complex—including vitamin B12, which is rarely found in plants, and is highly beneficial for vegans and vegetarians—plus vitamins C, D, E and K.
    • Minerals – BAC contains some of all natural minerals and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, iridium, iron, copper, selenium, and the many more.
    • Proteins/Amino Acids – BAC provides “The World’s Best Source of Protein” (between 45% to 55% protein with 98% net assimilation) and some of all known Amino Acids, including ALL of the essential amino acids.
    • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) – BAC contains the EFAs (essential fatty acids) Omega-3, Omega-6, and the rare Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), plus non-essential Omega-9, and many more fatty acids. EFAs are the “good” fats essential to human health and critical for healthy brain function. GLA has also been found to be preventative for arthritis, cardiovascular disease, skin disorders, allergies, asthma, MS and more.
    • Enzymes – BAC contains thousands of enzymes, which are critical for good health by significantly increasing the efficient digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. Enzymes facilitate the breakdown of foods and the reproduction of lactobacilli – the healthy bacteria that digests our food. This generally results in fewer cravings and less food consumed.
    • Mixed Carotenoids – Carotenoids play important roles in human health by acting as facilitators of energy transfer, and as powerful antioxidants, protecting the cells of the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. The following range of carotenoids can be found in BAC: alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, quercitin, cryptoxanthin, and many more.
    • Nucleic acids – DNA & RNA, the building blocks of living organisms, needed for effective tissue growth and repair as well as healthy cell function.
  • Chlorophyll – with extraordinary calcium spirulan, chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to humans: essential to metabolic functions such as growth and respiration. Chlorophyll, comprised of magnesium, plays an important role in calcium digestion and absorption.

The most supportive nutritional product I have ever taken

I found BAC to be and still is an incredible product. It is the most supportive nutritional product I have ever taken. I know my body is getting what it needs and it helps tell me what my body needs so I can support it too. It was the only thing I found that helped me heal all of the physical problems I was having.” – Summer J., Boulder, Colorado

What are some of the benefits of consuming BAC?

    • Support for the brain – As a first benefit, BAC is said to “Awaken the Genius Within.” The “genius” in this case is the hypothalamic/pituitary axis (HPA), known as the governing center for the body’s myriad metabolic functions. The molecular antenna shape of the many carotenoid pigments in BAC is a major factor in allowing the nutrients in BAC to cross the blood/brain barrier and efficiently nourish these hard-to-reach brain cells.
    • Boosts the immune system – BAC helps promote optimal health by protecting the body from free radicals and fueling the body’s trillions of cells, enabling the body to function as it is intended to and at its peak performance.
    • Reduces Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – BAC assists the body in self-regulating hormonal imbalances. We have received many reports of stabilized mood, more regular menstrual cycles and reductions in other pre-menstrual discomfort.
  • Support for the skin – Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), as contained in BAC, reduces inflammation, relieves itching, and improves many skin conditions.

Results for the whole family

Skin not NEARLY as dry. Some sun spots (I have hundreds!) are fading. No need for the anti-depressant I was on. Bowels are continuing to improve. Total Cholesterol down 28 points after taking F3 for only 3 months. My husband has also seen results. Skin not so dry. Psoriasis is improving. Sleep, greatly improved. He had a stroke on Aug. 6th, so it has been very difficult to measure his improvements since the stroke knocked him down so low. As a result of the stroke, the Dr. had put him on a statin drug. He decided to stop taking that since he has the F3 working in his system. Must mention my dog. No more red mange: rather, she has soft skin and a gorgeous coat of fur after being on F2.” – M.M., USA – February 2012

I am no longer suffering from symptoms of eczema and psoriasis

I have always suffered from skin conditions, (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) for most of my life. As the cold weather approaches, my skin becomes very itchy, red, and hot. By this time, I would be very uncomfortable. Taking a shower would be painful. But I am not suffering from these symptoms. I started taking your product this past summer. I am happy to be itch free!” – C.C., Illinois

  • Support for weight management – In various clinical studies, micro-algae have been shown to be remarkably effective for weight loss. There are primarily two documented factors for this: the correction of nutritional deficiencies and the addition of GLA to the diet. BAC significantly increases the efficient digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, which results in fewer cravings and less food consumed.

Help with sugar cravings and energy is stronger

I was told that BAC might help with my sugar cravings; and, it works. My energy is stronger, I am exercising for the first time in years and the scale is dropping; so far, in 2 months, I have lost 13 lbs. I can’t say enough how absolutely that BAC 2 & 3 are healing all areas and creating well being. 125 years looks good; so, I can say I am just now in the prime of life at 65. Thanks you and Dr. Kiriac, the team that continues to bring healing to the planet.” – M.J.M., USA

  • Support for sports and fitness – BAC is ideal for the active, athletic woman wishing to maintain peak performance for everything from biking and bodybuilding to swimming and yoga, without the use of dangerous synthetic products.

Energy and revitalization

I believe that the path to Wellness is firstly a journey within. Eating disorders, depression, lymes; Olympians too have healing to do… Swimming in the vast sea of remedies, foods, and supplements available to us today can be very confusing. I’ve not found anything yet to bring me as much energy and revitalization as BAC. I feel blessed to have come across Dr. Kiriac’s formula to help give my brain and body the food that it needs!” – Catherine Garceau, Olympic Medalist, Sydney 2000

Less fatigue and pain

I am very pleased with Bio-Algae Concentrates. It has really helped turn around my chronic fatigue. I have an even level of energy all day and can exercise without having excess pain.” – Beverly M., California

    • Fertility, fecundity, viability – Back in the 1970s and 80s, the early development of BAC involved several animal research projects sponsored by the former Russian Academy of Science and Ministry of Nutrition. The effect of BAC on fertility, fecundity and viability was evaluated in both small and large species. Overall, when consuming BAC, all species were observed to have more vitality, energy, strength and resistance to diseases. Additionally, a 20% increase in productivity including fertility, fecundity and viability was proven in large trials with thousands of mammals (dairy cows, pigs, minks) and in research conducted on a poultry farm of 1.5 million egg laying-birds.
    Since BAC was introduced in North America in 1998, there have been several instances of improved fertility reported in both humans and animals, some as part of semi-formal research projects, and others anecdotally.

My Story with BAC

I am writing this letter to you marking one year that I have been using the BAC products. I began using them last fall because I had been on birth control since college using Depo-Provera, and I had not gotten my period for over seven years. At the time it was a wonderful thing (not getting my period and all of the female things associated with it) but after going off the birth control, six months had passed and my cycle had not returned.

After starting with the BAC formula, within a few days I felt a difference in my energy, my regularity and my overall health. By the time I had been on the product for 3 to 4 weeks, what a difference. The energy level and overall health-well being were to me 100% better. With the continued use of BAC, my cycle became regular in May.

I have been thrilled with the progress my body has made over the past year. My cycle is regular to the day, my female hormones have adjusted and are now secreting properly and I truly feel as if my body’s core is stronger and healthy. Not to mention the fact that I am a teacher around many, many children who carry hundreds of germs that I now continually fight off avoiding those awful sicknesses I used to get prior to BAC.

I highly recommend this product to any woman going through fertility issues or menopause and all the not fun side effects, hot flashes, no energy, not sleeping, and just the overall attitudes and emotional ups and downs. I can’t say enough good things about this product and I’m so very thankful for having been given the opportunity to take this product and experience the wonderful overall change in my health.

P.S. I became pregnant soon after this testimonial and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in October 2005.”

– Kate B., Denver, Colorado

  • Support during pregnancy and motherhood – With its vast array of nutrients, BAC offers extraordinary nutritional support for smooth pregnancy, delivery and afterwards, particularly for nursing mothers.

Very healthy pregnancy

Both my husband and I were taking this BAC as a general supplement when I got pregnant. I continued to use it through pregnancy and I was surprised to see that I had such an easy pregnancy and a very healthy baby.” – Elisabeth, USA

Knowing the range of health benefits obtained during the Russian studies, it becomes obvious that BAC must be a brain food. BAC is extraordinarily efficient at reaching and nourishing the cells of the brain, resulting in the energetic awakening of the hypothalamic/pituitary cortex that is responsible for the balance (homeostasis) of all health metabolisms of the body, including that of the endocrine system and the glands that support women’s health.

Stay tuned, as next time we will write about how BAC is particularly helpful for many health issues common to women like menopause, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and more.


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