What is Ninja Wellness?

Before I start blogging about Ninja Wellness I want to explain what I mean by Ninja Wellness.  Of course anyone could have their own definition, narrow or wide.  I want my definition to be as wide as possible.  I don’t want to be boxed in or limited in what I can talk about.

Why Ninja?  I picked up on the warrior spirit like most of you when I was little from pirate and other hero movies and later from the martial art perspective.  The Ninja represents somewhat the top of the line when it comes to warriorship, honor, fearlessness, courage, being unseen, mastery and for many other qualities.   It has mostly a dark reputation, even though there is the bad black and the good white Ninja.   And many of you know this other word or term or concept that I use abundantly in my wellness talks or writing: warrior.  I fell in love with this word after my intensive meditation and consciousness training with the Shambhala organization called “The Sacred Path of the Warrior.”  This training embraced the concept of the warrior in the world shedding the light as opposed to the meditator retreating in a cave.  It made me realize the importance of sharing my light in the midst of apparent chaos which is when people need it most.

Okay so here it is.  Ninja Wellness is awareness, a mindset, an attitude, a way of life, and frequent Ninja decisions and actions, and there is much more to it.  It is not a school, not a belief system, not a particular path with a particular guru teacher and so forth. We have had enough of that!  Instead it is the conscious passion of being well mentally, emotionally and physically.  It is ALL thoughts, tools, habits, actions, activities that contribute to your being well today, tomorrow and forever.  And most importantly it does not have to be learned or purchased; it is made of acts of consciousness that begins with the first act right NOW!

I vividly remember my Catholic elementary school teachings on consciousness.  We were taught that consciousness is that part of us that knows the difference between good and bad.  It’s our higher level awareness that knows very well whether the action or thought we engage in is good or bad.

There is no Ninja Wellness without the Ninja Warrior, YOU and ME.   The Ninja Warrior is meek, he is humble, sometimes he is courageous, and sometimes he is cowardly.  He will make mistakes over and over, but he will learn and mitigate the damages.  He will walk in the world with a constant thirst for knowledge and a feeling of knowing all, and often of knowing nothing.   The Ninja Warrior pursues longevity as the ultimate challenge, while he also thrives for wellness now.

In the blogs to come, we (because I expect your feedback) will talk about it all; health, enlightenment, exercise, nutrition, fitness, illumination, disease, meditation, television ads, qigong, yoga, healthcare, reality, transformation, energy, organics, to raw food or not, to vegan or not, religion, spirituality, light, chemical trails, and much more, including answering or replying to your comments and questions.

I will be in charge of the topics; that is my blog. I will make spelling errors, grammatical errors, I will invent words, and I will frenchglishsize, as French is my first language.

Stay tuned for the next real blog!





One thought on “What is Ninja Wellness?

  1. Lisa McCoy says:

    I already love your blog after reading your description of a wellness ninja. You absolutely nailed it! I feel the exact same way about wellness and I’ve just started my journey into enlightenment! My only regret is that I was so oblivious for so long. It is exactly as if a light has gone on in my brain and I am aware now of the mind, body, spirit connection and the balance we must achieve to have optimum health. I want to know it all right now, but I realize this is a journey, not a race and I’ll get there. Your blog will be a great tool for me! 🙂 Lisa

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